Fighting against Transnational Organized Crime

The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime

The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime was created to reduce, sanction, and prevent people trafficking, particularly of women and children. (UN, 2000). Smuggling of migrants by air, water, and illegally producing and trafficking in firearms are all also prohibited. In order to prevent crimes like corruption, money laundering, and obstructing the justice system, the member states adopt preventative measures. Over the years, it has been successful in increasing member states' knowledge and ending human trafficking. Nowadays there are minimal cases in human trafficking as persons realize that the green pastures promised to relocate to other countries are achieved only after so much suffering or not achievable at all (United Nations, 2010). It has also ensured humane treatment of migrants. In conclusion, regardless of its significant achievement of a definition of immigrants developed and agreed upon, the international community has a lot to offer as it has to show exactly how it intends to prevent against illicit manufacture of firearms whereas the significant fire arms manufacturer of the world like United States of America and Russia failed to sign the treaty.

Drug Trafficking

The United Nation Office on Drug and Crime was established with its main role of controlling drugs worldwide and crime prevention. It issues financial aid to governments that are mainly affected by drug trafficking. Some of the illegal drugs that are shipped across the continent include powdered cocaine, marijuana, and heroin. Though it has majored on its tasks, it's still miles away from achieving its main purpose as drug trafficking is always a significant concern. It needs to invest a lot on research to gain a comprehensive understanding of all areas concerning drugs. The distribution, manufacture, and sale of illegal drugs. Some drug traffickers are in league with their governments which makes them untouchable even before the law whereas nobody should be above the law (UN, 2008). Illegal drugs have quite a handsome pay thus it's not a question of how much fine one should pay once found guilty for drug trafficking rather the commission should come up with more severe punishment, for example, solitary treatment or even revoking one's citizenship. In conclusion, the drug trafficking is still a threat as it has significant effects as a country may lose its major trading parties once it's found to be trafficking illegal drugs and also a lot of discoveries should be made as the drug market is dynamic.


People are living in constant fear of being attacked at any time as terrorism has undermined peace and security of all persons worldwide. It has led to massive loss of lives and has also led to the displacement of people as they relocate to other places where peace prevails and in the process separating families. Some of the terror groups are heavily funded by undisclosed sources who they even choose to die protecting the identity of their financiers (John & Liana, 2013). They are supplied with sophisticated weapons to carry out the attacks and are even trained on how to use the said weapons. The terrorism environment is continuously changing, thus more advanced methods to counterattack should be put in place. The international community has developed a common universal legal framework in response to terror threats. The terrorism prevention branch of the United Nation provides legal counter-terrorism technical assistance to member states. In conclusion, terrorism adversely affects a country's social political and economic development and addressing this threat is a difficult task due to the complex and dynamic nature of the terrorist activity. Thus, every individual should be educated on the self-protective mechanism on such terror attacks to protect lives.


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