Extinction of Dolphins

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The common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) is about to get extinct and this is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, all the changes happening to the environment such as temperature affect the amount of prey in the water and makes them disperse to other locations (Bearzi, 2003). Because of this, the population of dolphins is affected due to a drop or disruption in the food web. Another factor is illegal fishing with drift nets. This illegal activity has resulted in ether unintentional or intentional catching of dolphins (Mussi,2202). Overfishing cases and destruction of the habitat of the fish causes extinction of the dolphins prey also. One of the main reasons for catching dolphins is because they were percieved as the predators to fish. This is why more common dolphins were caught more than the bottlenose dolphin. The third reason is the catastrophic effect of xenophobic toxic compounds in the sea water (Fossi, 2000).
Remarkably, the population of common dolphins was almost completely wiped out due to toxicity. Basically, higher toxicity levels might have increased the frequency of common dolphins’ death cases. Fourth on the list is the incidental mortality brought about by collision with fishing boats. This was caused by busy tourism seasons accompanied by traveling cruise ships and sails.
To conclude, the significant threat to common dolphin population is overfishing. It also explained by an exploitative competition for prey fish between fishermen and the dolphins. The European Commission reports the decline in demersal and pelagic resources of the Ionian Sea. To prevent them from disappearing, conservation measures should be undertaken. Finally, driftnet fishing should be prohibited if we want common dolphins to survive.

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