Exhibition: Sumerian Theme

The Ancient Artwork of Antiquity

The ancient artwork of antiquity includes a significant amount of Sumerian painting. The show aims to include some of the prehistoric pottery made by the Sumerians along with other pieces of art made of metal and leather.

A Notable Outshining of Neolithic Artwork

The ancient Egyptian culture's Sumerian motif is distinguished by a notable outshining of other Neolithic artwork. The exhibition's noteworthy topics will include the Sumerian culture's architecture, relief sculptures, decorative art, and statuary. Jaques, in her journal, Education in Early 2Nd Millennium BC Babylonia: The Sumerian Epistolary Miscellany asserts that the original arches and vaults played a critical role in characterizing the Sumerian architectural work during the period (Jaques, 229). The building materials commonly adopted by the Sumerians include the clay bricks. The point of focus in the exhibition would be highlighting the features of the monumental buildings that include the temple towers. The shapes of the Sumerian structures were unique for instance the stepped pyramids and inclusion of the buttresses in the buildings for both their decorative and structural functions. The consideration of the architectural theme of the Sumerians intends to provide an explanation of the unique aspects of the Sumerian art that defined their structures.

The Role of Relief Sculpture

The subject of relief sculpture, on the other hand, intends to contribute to the account of some of the reasons attributable to its common use in the building walls and in the design of the ornaments that include some of the considerably luxurious furniture. The theme intends to contribute to answering the question on the role of the relief sculpture in the development of the modern-day carving and drawings characterized by high levels of maturity.

Spirited Patterning and Clarity

Comprehension of such aspects facilitates appreciation of the spirited patterning described by figures coupled with heralding effects. The exhibition further aims at highlighting some of the commonly adopted patterns in portraying the relief sculptures that include the backgrounds composing of unique colors designed to enhancing the clarity and fragile nature of the drawings.

The Unique Aspects of Sumerian Statues

The exhibition further aims at utilizing Perl's work in highlighting the various aspects of the Sumerian statues that contribute to their uniqueness (Perl, 26). Despite the prominence of the Sumerian statues during the ancient period, few managed to survive the adverse effects of weather and vandalism that helps explain their small numbers in the present day. Despite the survival of the few mural paintings, there is the lack of examples of both the mural and tempera paintings along the lines of the Egyptian portraits.

The Significance of Decorative Art

Additionally, the exhibition intends to highlight the various aspects of the decorative art unique to the Sumerians. The exhibition, therefore, intends to explain some of the theories behind the animal figures characterizing the typical nature of the Sumerian artwork. Highlighting the necessity for judging the sculptural appeal of some of the artwork based on their designing materials is of significance in defining the various aspects of the decorative art.

The Importance of Decorative Artwork

Furthermore, the exhibition intends to clarify the importance of the decorative artwork in the various ornaments and its value to the sculpture. The nature of the Sumerian artwork tends to play a significant role in defining the modern-day decorative arts. For instance, considering the decorative art of the Sumerians plays a critical role in facilitating comprehension of the preference for imitation of the natural beauty in decorating the various artwork. The exhibition, therefore, aims at presenting the Sumerian artwork besides identifying some of their unique aspects that influence the present-day artwork.

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