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Lifesaving has been given priority over life maintaining. Especially when one life is viewed significant permanently over the other, the scientific professionals have to make a choice on which existence to put where. Life maintaining can be a bit expensive in contrast to lifesaving because one has to be placed on the lifestyles support machine which is day by day and better care is given than life serving like coronary heart surgery which is a onetime process, and the community can have enough money former resources than daily wishes for like dialysis or other life preserving operations.
It is not just a count number of living, but the quality of one exists with s very essential. This is one of the reasons medical professional and close relatives or the state chooses euthanasia when the quality of life of the patient is weak, and there are no better hopes towards their improvement. When the physicians do their analysis and find out that the cost of living to the patient is high yet there is no hope of recovery even with the best medication, they may decide to withdraw life save machines and opt for euthanasia after family considerations and views are put in place plus the state and the society (Quinlan, Michael, p.6)
After all the ethics are followed, I think it would be best to remove the life-maintaining machines, and those in treatable conditions to undergo treatment like surgery and the rest euthanasia (Murphy, Briony, p.254). But all their rights must be observed and practiced. Also, the ethical standards and the virtue ethics must be maintained before carrying out all these procedures. The method to be used and the motive under which it’s practiced must be right.

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