essay on National honor society candidate

The Four Significant Virtues of the National Honor Society

The four significant virtues of the National Honor Society, namely scholarship, leadership, service, and character, are very important to the Chapelgate community and the community at large in the sense that they both jointly work at community advancement.


The scholarship represents a devotion to learning; this element assists a pupil in cultivating his or her intellect in order to quench the hunger for knowledge. As a result, if a person works efficiently regardless of the results, it can contribute to the advancement of society and be referred to as inclusive development.


The second quality of service is the one, which focuses on helping people who are in need without expecting any kind of recognition and compensation. This is one of the aspects in which I believe since childhood; to my personal opinion everyone must contribute back to the society for all the resources it has rendered you to become who you are today.


Leadership is one of my personal aspects wherein I believe I could perform my best. I believe in the fact that I possess the qualities of self-confidence and wisdom, which must be present in any good leader. In addition, in some of the group activities I have tried to put the interest of others over mine.


Lastly, character is one aspect, which could differentiate one person from another. I believe I display a good character as I regard myself as responsible, fair, caring, trustworthy, and a good human. Thus, I believe that if all these characteristics are clubbed together then it could help in an inclusive growth of Chapelgate community as well as that of the entire society.

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