Equality vs Abolition

Abolition vs Equality

Abolition vs equality is a topic that has dominated American history, dating back to the period of slavery and the Civil War.

The Role of Abolitionists

Before the American Civil War, abolitionists advocated for the abolition of slavery and were involved in a variety of activities aimed at emancipating slaves. On the other hand, equality at the time was predicated on ensuring that all persons in society had equal social and political rights. Civil war erupted as a result of abolition. Because of their acts, radical abolitionists precipitated the civil war. The radical abolitionists often vilified the slave owners as being the embodiment of evil within the American society. Also, the abolitionists triggered the civil war in in 1862 when there was the formation of the Confederate States of America because they supported the end of slavery which escalated the civil war (Hummel, 2013).

Fears and Consequences

The North had significant fear regarding freed slaves because most of the slaves were believed to have plans of moving to the North for economic empowerment and social satisfaction which would have brought more challenges socially and economically that the North was not used to at the time. The Southerners had the most to lose because they depended on the slaves to work on their plantations and without the slaves, they suffer economically. Slaves were to be the biggest winners as they would get their freedom and move anywhere within the United States to look for better opportunities like to the North. Also, they were to win big because they could enjoy social and political rights (Hummel, 2013).

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Hummel, J. (2013). Emancipating slaves, enslaving free men: a history of the American civil war. Chicago: Open court.

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