Entertainment Media

Following the rise of technology, entertainment media have exponentially evolved. In the present world, the society is entertained through films, television, print, and radio amongst other types of entertainment media. Moreover, the media supply information that has significant impacts on the viewer where one may increase their learning and conversation skills or develop new abilities. Furthermore, media influences the personal appreciation of the world. It is, therefore, irrefutable that there is a strong interrelationship between the various forms of amusement media and culture. The current paper investigates the distinct ways in which enjoyment media has shaped American culture and its values. Further, the essay uses examples to study whether the prevalent social influences of entertainment media are positive or negative. From the discussion, it is evident that entertainment media is a reflection as well as a catalyst for behaviors and attitudes in the society.

How the Media Entertainment Influence American Culture

From the current state of American society, it is attestable that different forms of entertainment media have assumed a major role in shaping the American culture and values in distinct ways (Johnson, Kompare, & Santo, 2014). First, entertainment media has eroded moral values in the society that has resulted in the creation of a culture with loose values. At present, different musical productions and movies have an extensive use of profanity that affects the young generation. It is clear that most individuals, more so the young generation, out of exposure to the vulgarity in music and films lack moral values where they deem it okay to do or say as they please. Moreover, the media entertainment has influenced violence by manipulating information. Second, media entertainment through its social influence has contributed in shaping culture and social values where different celebrities are used to promote some aspects in the society. That has significantly changed some traditional practices and impacted proper values in America. For instance, the media through its social influence has significantly reduced social vices, such as racial and gender prejudice. The entertained media has shaped culture by promoting equality among all people in America. Further, the entertainment media has facilitated sharing of information that is changing the lifestyle where some traditional values are being eroded gradually. The changes have altered the traditional culture and societal values by promoting moral understanding among the Americans.

Positive or Negative Social Influence

Arguably, the entertainment media has both negative and positive social influences. Adverse impacts of entertainment media include promoting vulgarity among the society, promoting violence and sexual activities, as well as alcoholism, especially among the teenagers. That is because these are the elements depicted in different movies; hence, the teens believe it to be the way of life. However, despite the negative aspects, various forms of entertainment media have positive social influence. For instance, Marilyn Monroe, an American model, and actress, despite her presentation as a sex symbol had numerous desirable aspects that women acted to be like her. Other entertainment media pass on positive messages such as advocating peace and also teaching different life skills that are paramount for a peaceful coexistence. Moreover, the entertainment media has resulted in the erosion of some unfavorable traditions with detrimental impacts on the society. It is, therefore, safe to claim that the social influence of media is mostly positive.


From the discussion, it is conclusive that entertainment media have significant impacts on the behaviors and attitudes in the society. That is because the community takes on different values and culture displayed in the various forms of media. Moreover, they emulate various celebrities where they endeavor to improve their lives. It is, therefore irrefutable that entertainment media is a reflection of the society and acts as a catalyst for different social attitudes and behaviors as they have the power to manipulate the society. Therefore, in promoting their positive influence, they should present the appropriate content to counter their negative influence.


Johnson, D., Kompare, D., & Santo, A. (2014). Making entertainment media work: cultures of management in the entertainment industries. NYU Press.

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