Electrical Engineering Occupation

An Electrical Engineering occupation is one of the most aggressive and sought-after careers as a result of the high demand for electrical engineers and other components that make it so competitive in the workforce to date. Currently, the high proportion of the electrical engineers from foreign countries makes it difficult for an Electrical Engineering graduate to impervious an internship or a job opportunity. As such, many graduates have become frustrated since they fail to discover jobs in the field which leaves them with limited capacity to settle their debts. When I started out pursuing my degree in Electrical Engineering, many people told me that the solely important thing I needed to impervious my dream job as an Electrical Engineer was a bachelor’s degree. However, I have come to realize that it was now not true. According to my personal experience, numerous companies, especially in the non-public sector, look for employees with a masters’ degree or higher, and many employees from foreign countries meet such requirements.

The job market condition has become competitive; hence, I need to enhance my employability levels by acquiring self-awareness skills, doing thorough career search and assessing job availability. Firstly, self-awareness skills will help me understand my strength and weakness even before entering the job market. Secondly, self-awareness will help me evaluate myself to develop an understanding of my abilities as well as qualities and improve on both strength and weaknesses according to the prevailing job market conditions. Thirdly, I must do a proper career search which involves looking for organizations that are growing financially and socially in the Electrical Engineering field. Therefore, I will get my resume together and focus on social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter by getting developing a professional profile since many companies use such platforms to find and recruit top talents. Eventually, I will take job availability into consideration including the future of new the technology in place by building and using my network appropriately.

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