Eleanor Roosevelt and civil religion

Ideas regarding God and human beings are familiar to all in civil religion in a mechanism of faith known as reification. One of the most prominent people to have devoted her life to civil religion is Eleanor Roosevelt. In different ways, she dedicated her life to civil religion, such as supporting civil rights, upholding ethnic values, networking with women, and dedicating herself to her personal life.
Orthodox engagement
As the first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt valued all the ideals that the First Lady expected of her. Many individuals of her class in the real world typically neglect most cultural customs.
Though individuals from the first family are not expected to welcome visitors, Eleanor Roosevelt would always welcome guests herself.
In many cases, it is the people employed in the palace that make arrangements about the king’s mode of life, but Eleanor Roosevelt lived a different life (Youngs pg. 476). JT Williams in her biography says “Eleanor Roosevelt, although she is the First Lady, she makes her choice of the various kinds of entertainment, at dinner, reception among other social events that expressed the diversity of the American popular culture. In one of the most famous acts is when she served hot dogs to Queen of England and inviting Choreographer Martha Graham’s troupe to perform a modern dance in the statehouse.”
Eleanor tradition dedication is evident; she enjoyed serving tea for private callers. She also went beyond the tradition and greeted guests herself at the entrance door of the White House. In the current times, there may be few or no first ladies who cook for their husbands. Eleanor Roosevelt had an interest in the quality of food served to her husband. She enjoyed making a dish of ‘scrambled eggs on Sundays.’ And this shows that her dedication to making food for her husband.
On numerous occasions, she was the best-dressed woman during her White House tenure. Also, she also participated in fashion advertisement by allowing stores to advertise or market her patronage through printing her picture on their products. As a first lady, she went beyond the limit and dedicated her tradition to the citizens of the United States thus exemplifying the civil religion.
She advocated for civil rights
Eleanor Roosevelt believed that civil rights were the key test for American democracy. A case example is where she advocates for civil religion by urging that there could be no freedom in the United States except African Americans. It was her view that all races have indiscriminate rights to some property. The fundamental rights that she advocated were; education, housing, and employment which the society needed. The today’s government should provide not only protection for discrimination but also develop policies that bring equality in the distribution of resources.
In another incidence in 1939, she attacked the nation’s hypocritical way of dealing with racial injustices. She made her fellow citizens understand the guilt of writing about democracy without considering various system imperfections for example ill treatment of the African Americans which enhanced racism. In the early forties, she felt civil rights to be the litmus test for democracy in the U.S.
Eleanor Roosevelt would push her husband who was the president to defend the integration of civil rights. She was accused of bringing war between the white Americans and the African Americans (George Brown and David Shi Pg. 1080). Democracy would mean equal distribution of resources which include; education, housing, and employment to all people regardless of race.
We should emulate Eleanor Roosevelt in our era by encouraging democracy for all through the civil rights advocacy. It will significantly promote the rule of the people, and in accordance, there will be an equal distribution of resources regarding employment, education, and housing. Upon the allocation of resources, there will be economic stability in a nation.
The basic civil right housing would ensure that every person or citizen has their security is guaranteed. Employment would ensure that the economic life of a citizen is enhanced. Education, on the other hand, would provide training and innovations which will make sure that every citizen is specialized at something hence able to work and earn to improve their living standards. Education promotes peaceful coexistence as many people from different ethnic diversity’s unite through education.
Advocating for women empowerment
Eleanor Roosevelt was so much engaged in women empowerment programs. As an example, she was one of the professional women networking as an attorney, educator, union leader and a journalist. She worked closely with other women leaders to oversee that woman empowerment was at its best. Her aim was to integrate many qualified women in her administration and the federal government as well as in other top administrative posts. She successfully changed both the Federal Emergency relief and civil works departments by expanding the various divisions dealing with unemployed women problems.
She highly supported the appointment of women to lead bureaus. Eleanor discovered that the youth empowerment programs, for example, the civilian conservation corps were to the benefit of men only. She was successful in her capacity as the first lady in sponsoring conferences such as the White House Conference which sort to empower and enlighten unemployed women.
We learn from Eleanor Roosevelt life that, the government should support the first ladies to advocate for the empowerment of women by creating job opportunities and appointing them to the top posts of the government administration. Also, women should come out and defend their rights to prevent discrimination. Women are an essential pillar towards the success of a country; they represent the majority gender in a state. Promoting the welfare of women would enable a country to achieve its long-term and short-term goals. Women election in the top administrative positions is one of the best ways to promote their welfare (Reimers and Binder pg. 65).
Women should emulate Eleanor Roosevelt’s dedication by offering themselves to contest for these posts believed to be for men. For example, in the recent times, we have seen women battling for the presidency and Hillary Clinton is a good example. The state should also not only give support to youths and vulnerable groups but also women to encourage diversity.
Dedicating her personal life
Eleanor’s family life was of mutual interest according to William who further argues that, despite Eleanor’s brother’s numerous divorces, she was never shattered and was never disappointed in their personal life. She committed her life to ensure their wellbeing. She could often travel to meet them and offer any moral support needed. She was so friendly to people such that she would sit down and write letters to them. She in one time in her term admitted a woman to stay with her in the in White House. As the first lady, Eleanor had genuine friendships with other people, most notably with Lorena Hickok and Earl Miller a New York States trooper.
Eleanor Roosevelt dedicated her personal life to helping and engaging in other people’s lives and some who were strangers. In today’s era should emulate Eleanor Roosevelt by dedicating their lives to matters that bring change to other people lives. In this way, there will be a peaceful coexistence among citizens of a state.
To sum up, the person who has played the Eleanor Roosevelt role is the former U.S President Barak Obama. The United States President is the State’s Chief Executive Officer, the party leader and the head of state. As the chief executive, he refused to prosecute banker’s criminal behavior to protect the economy from deteriorating. As the party leader, he outlined and established unmoved relations with the Democrats on Capitol Hill. Also, Obama knew that Hillary Clinton was keen to lead the U.S as the first woman president. As the head of state, Obama had a lot of grace, humor, and class. In history, no president had managed to articulate the aspirations and the ideas other countries as he did Obama.

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