Elaborate on the use of assessments

Because it determines whether students, pupils, and instructors are achieving the objectives of education, assessment is viewed as a crucial component of instruction. Teachers use assessment to instruct and direct pupils as well as themselves in their teaching and learning. A decent assessment helps the teacher understand how well or poorly the students are picking up new material and whether any improvements to the lesson plan are necessary.

Assessments are also used to create a setting where students can set objectives that they hope to accomplish at a specific time. Students are assigned grades at the end of assessment and this enables their parents or guardians to get information of what their children are capable of (Frey, 2014).

Teachers’ assessment choices are effective in the sense that it enables the teacher to give particular attention outcomes that involves learning strategies, achievements and motivation. Where possible, mechanisms are suggested that can help to improve learning conditions in the classroom (Popham, 2017).

As an individual, I would use different sources of evidence to gather information that will help me understand what students really know and can do. I can use observation and frequent questioning after every lesson to gather information if at all my students are grasping what they are being taught (Popham, 2017).

Finally, classroom assessment may influence students directly or indirectly which will later on bring positive or negative results in them. Classroom assessment needs intense and thoughtful planning and implementation. Summing up the information, assessment enables teachers to identify the students’ strengths and weaknesses, monitor how students are progressing, plan and carry out instruction.


Frey, B. B. (2014). Modern classroom assessment.

Popham, W. J. (2017). Classroom assessment: What teachers need to know.

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