effects of computer

The Age of Digital Computing

The age of digital computing began with the adoption of personal computers in the 1980s. Around this time, the impression that anyone should own a computer was radical. Specifically, this has a number of implications in the workplace. Companies have to bring new expertise into their homes and remain successful. Computers have since made a significant contribution to the advancement of the office, making it more up-to-date and interconnected (Kung).

Communication Internets

Communication internets have instantly provided a bond for the general public. Companies are, for the most part, among the units that utilize these innovations. Also, to instant messaging, businesses usually apply computers to hold conference calls and chat rooms with individuals from distant locations. This knowledge makes global and international market happen as managers can from time to time keep a trail of the development of their business abroad. Also, emails are used to send messages efficiently to all ground level employees.


Computers are meaningfully enhanced or automated daily work tasks, for example, generating reports has become simplified through office software sets. An operator can join in tables, images, and texts in one report file. He can create a formula to industrialize composite calculations. The internet has led to secure external research. An operator can find a competitor's past financial information, forthcoming news, and latest products in a short time.

Task Management

A micro-user outcome of computers is actual task management. Most qualified employees in companies often involve in multitasking, for example, office assistant may be responding to emails questions and update contact files at the same time. Current computers armed with the processing power to handle many applications at once.

Business Model

Improvement in networking and computing tech have developed business models on the grounds of this technology. For instance, the approval of search devices like Yahoo and Google led to the creation of jobs rotating around marketing to the operators- Search device management and optimizers. Specialists use tools in these areas like keyword editors and competitive assessing research mainly designed for search devices. Others use computer their personal computers to generate and maintain their office space from their various homes.


Computers enable easy access to social media outlets and emails example to Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace, which are essential marketing objects. Advertising through computers via social platforms can reach vast target markets and at low cost compared to the conventional methods. This can affect the marketing and brand promoters to lose their job as online platforms reach more clients in a more effective and cost-saving way. As a result, employers will reduce the marketing personal as few people can perform the work effectively.

Cost Saving

Going through the document and other leading business facts digitally enhance one to do simple editing before printing final documents. Likewise, many workers can have access to the same material at the same time. This availability saves the company a lot of money.


A computer lets one organize their documents in the way they prefer. Some arrange them thematically, others alphabetically. Managing to change files to prefer filling system enables one to design a modern workspace that allows one to be organized (Anajieonu).

Stratifying Workforce

Among the combative matters, adjoining effects on computers include; it generates and abolishes jobs differently. Computers make high-skill technical and high-paying jobs opportunities and discourage low-paying jobs. From the social viewpoint, low-skilled workers lack the knowledge to find good-paying jobs created lest a culture advances the advantages from high economy to change the situation (Mercer).

Additional Considerations

Apart from the importance of computers we have, they also change how people do their jobs. Shared with info technology devices like messaging, internet and transferring of files, computers enhance flexibility in working arrangement.

Job Loss

Personal computers have reduced the negative result of job loss. Like if a person loses a job in a company, that person has a choice of using own computer to work from home. A person opts to be self-employed after losing a job due to computer literacy. The online platform provides a basis to work on multiple grounds and by this, computer existence has messed up careers related to some individuals. (Bradley).

Old Technology

Computers have done away with pieces of tools that were once important in offices worldwide, as the switchboard and typewriters. Switchboard tasks presently being done through computer software.

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