Education's Aspects

A new teacher is bound to face difficulties when they begin their career.

It's a big part of being a better teacher. It will be challenging to adjust to a new setting, meet children of various ages, and form relationships with coworkers. An instructor must learn from previous experiences to transition from theoretical learning to practical applications as smoothly as possible. An instructor must also be conscious of the areas of education to which they are ideally adapted.


My previous experiences have acted as a springboard for my potential career as a teacher. They inspired and motivated me to pursue a career as a teacher. When I was in middle school in grade 6, I got bullied by a boy in grade 8. It was my worst moment in school such that every day I tried to feign illness to avoid going to school. I was afraid of approaching my teachers or parents for fear of being more victimized. My grades decreased to alarming levels prompting my parents to intervene and transfer me to another school. I welcomed the transfer with open arms and my grades started escalating. This bullying episode taught me to look forward to maintaining a learning and safe centred environment for my pupils when I become a teacher.

Another experience that will positively impact my career as a teacher is serving as a volunteer tutor for three months in a children's home in our community. My experiences there were fun and helpful. They taught me the essence of boosting confidence and self-esteem among learners. Children who felt peace with themselves loved to read and were eager to learn. Motivation through rewards and congratulating children when they achieve something translated to better overall performance. I will incorporate these measures during my teaching profession. Attending workshops equipped me with practical skills to supplement my theoretical knowledge. It taught me benefits of ensuring learners get adequate time to play.

Aspects of Education

All aspects of education, that is, physical, mental, vital, physic, and spiritual education serve in improving overall performance in a child's learning. Physical education involves one, teaching children how to observe cleanliness and hygiene behaviours. Two, inputting appropriate postures, movements, and discipline. Lastly, it entails teaching children to observe proper food diet. Physical education helps to build self-esteem in learners and appreciate their beauty leading to confidence in their abilities.

Mental education seeks to improve a person's mind set. The mind influences how a person perceives things influencing success or failure. It is important for a child to have high concentration power, control in thoughts, and central ideas. Vital education focuses on a child's use of senses. A child correctly using senses avoids adverse behaviours and builds his or her character. It is important for a teacher to observe and note reactions of a child in earlier stages of development. Physic education helps a child to develop consciousness in life processes and destiny. Consciousness influences responses to circumstances and govern lives of individuals. Spiritual education teaches a child to appreciate and commits life to a higher being. It incorporates morality and spirituality in a child in his life and when relating to others.

In my teaching profession, I will incorporate physical and mental education as my style. My reason for my choices is because the two aspects of education are integral in an academic and overall progress of a child.


Experience is the best teacher. I will be looking forward to carry out my work as a teacher to uphold lessons from experiences to become efficient. My choice of aspects of education is also in line with my abilities and what I love.

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