Education is one of the greatest gifts offered by teachers in the world

Education is one of the best contributions to teachers in the world. Tagore stresses the importance of naturalism in defining the idea of schooling in the world. Based on naturalism, every instructor should recognize that the essential driving force for generating excitement among learners who are supposed to build inspiration from nature to pursue their dreams. According to Tagore, a child is an unfinished adult, but it must be viewed in its own rights to allow them to make the best use of their abilities and to mature entirely. Teachers, for example, need to strengthen the child's curiosity and excitement, artistic excitement, and creativity, as well as the desire to bring harmony from the independence given to them. However, teachers should understand that children and adults have different learning requirement. For instance, adults read books and novels motivated by a clear understanding and purpose while children need indefiniteness and learn instinctively in most cases. The philosopher agrees that this learning tactic adopted by children is the best approach that the world should embrace (Tagore, 214). A child has no conscious purpose of life beyond living; therefore, they can observe everything around them, hear every sound with a definite freedom of consideration without exercising the selection of information right. Through this methodology, Tagore affirms that children get to learn complex events and activities such as vernacular faster, better and more elatedly than adults are willing to do. Tagore calls this tactic of learning adopted by toddlers as the method of nature. The text is relevant to the teaching fraternity as well as other learners in the contemporary society. I feel challenged by the text as an adult given that a clear objective motivates most adult's reading approach. Adults tend to read educational books and journals selectively driven by a purpose to acquire a particular information while disregarding others that may be relevant to their well-being and development in future. Predisposition among adult learners is one of the significant challenges affecting the acknowledgment of the current knowledge that we may possess around the world concerning important issues. I feel the text has expounded my understanding on the subject of education regarding the relationship between learning concepts and knowledge. The script helps educators to appreciate learning capability, mental status, interest, and motivation of their students whether adult or children. Tagore’s idea help students as well as teachers to appreciate an education that makes individuals’ life in harmony with all reality than that which pumps knowledge into the brain of people. The text speaks about the incapacity of humans to appreciate even the little information that is important because of prejudice. Children collect a wealth of information because they are in love with their life and it is their first love. Everything around them including colors and movement of events attracts their attention and eagerness to unconsciously understand all. Furthermore, Tagore’s text explains that learning should embrace the highest education that does not offer only information to learners but allow them to have a harmonious life with all existence. Accordingly, teachers have robbed children the interest of learning Geography about the world and instead teach them grammar in classes. The author appeals to his readers to understand the need to adopt the ‘method of nature’ technique to read and learn. He pleads to the teachers and other adult readers to embrace and appreciate the freedom to learn unconsciously about every object they interact with during their lifetime. He asserts that freedom to learn is the driving force to a better education system that imparts the knowledge of understanding the surrounding and the world in general rather than just giving information. The tone set by the writer is didactic. The author attempts to instruct and inculcate the teachers as well as the adult learners to embrace the “method of nature” to learn and gain more information from objects in their surrounding without bias. The partiality among adults is one of the obstacles that is hindering the achievement of freedom to learn unconsciously in most schools around the world. Even though Tagore’s thought on teaching should be the foundation of the highest education, it has some holes that leave other scholars puzzled. For instance, it is almost impossible to teach a child how to deliver the information learned through “method of nature” without educating them on the grammar and language. Additionally, it is difficult for adults to adopt the freedom of unconscious learning given they have already acquired the basic knowledge that tells them what is right and wrong, what is needed and not desired.Based on the message on the text, I am also an intended target audience. I have restricted my learning and information acquisition strategies to what I need and disregarding what may be helpful to my life later. When reading books and journals, I tend to focus on chapters or sections that contain the information that is of interest to me. Consequently, I am an intended target audience to the text.Works CitedTagore, Rabindranath, Talks in China. In a Tagore Reader, 1961. Pp. 213-215. Retrieved on October 20, 2017 from:

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