“Economentality: How the Future Entered Government.”

Before 1948 or the time before World War II, the economy was not well understood by the general public. The word economy was seen from a conventional standpoint as a process rather than a product. The author's major claim is that there aren't many or any economists who have a well-informed perspective on what the economy of a nation is or may be.
The author's attempt to demonstrate how the world changed to become what it is today serves as the fundamental idea being conveyed. Relation of This Reading to Other Readings in Class

This reading can be linked to the “Paradox of Scientific Advising” which also shows how the world had a limited number of scientists and that people, especially the government, had little knowledge on the matter of sciences as demonstrated through the nuclear reaction knowledge in this reading.

Weaknesses and Strength


The strength of this reading is in its ability to inform people more on the traditional perception of economy, how economy as a word has evolved in meaning, and how it got into the operations of the government.


The paper does not elaborate on how the modern economic system was adopted.

Two Questions for Class Discussion

What does economy mean to you?

How was the economy of a country been managed before the coming of economists?

Part Two

Race and Ethnicity in Latin America, Paschel, Becoming Black, pp. 153-238.

Brief description of my favorite argument from the reading:

The favorite argument from this reading is how the blacks, after being made legitimate participants in political processes, managed the newly constructed black political subjects in both Brazil and Colombia. The author showed how black activists fought and helped the community and then they were recognized in political processes, but after achieving their goal, the new political subject about blacks came up.

Question for Class Discussion

What were the main reasons why blacks were being mistreated in both states?

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