Diversity of Cultures

In nations that have inhibitors from various cultures, cultural diversity is prevalent. All acquires a culture in which they grow up and that of the world around them. As such, if one has grown up with people of a different ethnicity, faith, and background in a group, he or she is likely to be culturally competent. An person who has interacted with individuals of different cultural values is generally able to live and communicate comfortably with other individuals he encounters (Zastrow, 2006). I was born in a city whose people came from various cultures and religions. As such, in my development, I interacted with people of multicultural behaviors, and hence I feel culturally competence. Interaction with people of different cultures is essential in life. The practice creates bonds and sense of appreciation. One is always in a position to respect the others even though they do not view things in the same way.People who are born and raised in communities where there are only residents of the same culture may not interact in future. In most cases, such people will never appreciate the diversity and respect the way others behave. Cultural diversity is essential for a peaceful coexistence of individuals. In nations with residents of differing culture, national integration is a major concern that the government should address (Cox, 2011). However, if the people accept and respect the fact that we are equal and all cultures should be respected, the community becomes united, and they lives in harmony. For instance, I feel comfortable in working with any group of people regardless of the culture of the citizens since I can adapt quickly and act as though I am one of them. Therefore, being culturally competent gives one freedom of movement with no fear of feeling odd.In the diversity project, I choose to consider the Oromo people from Ethiopia. The Oromo people have a different culture, and they stick to their traditions. As such, the CSWE (Council on Social Work Education) would be willing to educate the people on the effects of some of the cultures that they practice. Even though it is essential for communities to retain their culture and that others respect them, some cultures are unsafe and may lead to serious health problems (Zastrow, 2006). Therefore, the council is undertaking initiatives to educate the people against unsafe practices across the world. Some of the cultural practices of the Oromo people that the CSWE needs to look at include female genital maturation, not educating the girl child, and not recognizing women in leadership matters.The National Association of Social workers (NASW) is a group concerned with the preparedness of employees while dealing with social issues. The association educates employees on cultural diversity and thus prepares them to work in different culture set-ups. NASW advocates for social interaction among people of different cultures. The workers under the body are therefore expected to be familiar with as many cultural aspects as possible. Social workers should pose the skills necessary to understand and respect other peoples’ ideas, culture, and preference.Social workers should be people of integrity. The ethical principle that the social workers should possess are outlined in the Dolgoff and Loewenberg theories. The theories explain in details the moral principle that a worker needs. Some of the principles include equality, freedom, and autonomy, least harm, and truthfulness. As such, the social workers have the skills necessary to respect the cultural diversity among the community they work (Cox, 2011). Understanding and respecting the cultural diversity of people across the world is vital. One has the freedom to work in different places and maintain a good relationship with the inhibitors of such areas. Professionals such as medical practitioners, humanitarian workers, counselors, and educators should be encouraged to apply the theories as well as the provisions for the NASW and CSWE to facilitate their duty performance.ReferencesCox, T. H., & Blake, S. (2011). Managing cultural diversity: Implications for organizational competitiveness. The Executive, 45-56.Zastrow, C., & Kirst-Ashman, K. (2006). Understanding human behavior and the social environment. Cengage Learning.

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