Displacement And Gentrification: Is Your Community At Risk?

The goal of the urban displacement program is to recognize the different influences that can affect a community so that it can make an educated decision. I selected the cities of Oakland and its environs for our debate.
The San Francisco Bay serves as the neighborhood's furthest boundary for the housing market. If you compare the area to other Oakland bordering cities, the housing is really affordable. As a result, there has been a significant movement of thousands of individuals to San Francisco. The fundamental reason as to why the area is experiencing a massive influx of people to stay there, even from Oakland as well is the affordable housing facilities in the area. This is associated with the middle-class income earners in the area. This, therefore, motivates people to move from neighboring cities to stay in San Francisco.

The population growth of the city has been increasing at a fast rate. For instance, from the year 2003 to 2013, there has been an increase in medium sale house price of the city by 41%. This is a clear indication that this city is growing at a first rate. The increased population requires increased number of housing.

Increases population implies pressure on available housing within the city and even outside the city boundaries. There is no doubt that this high rate of population growth will results in pressure on Oakland in the coming years as many will start to flow in for housing. This indicates that Oakland risks being displaced at a higher rate. The low-income earners are at high risk of displacement.

Job intensity

Fremont job intensity rate has grown with a huge margin. The city statistics indicates that there has been a drastic and massive change in job density per square mile. By 2011, the job intensity in Fremont was 8750. This clearly indicates that there is a huge employment rate within the city boundary. This intensity shows that this area is likely to attract a huge number of job seekers to find jobs there as the environment is much promising compared to Oakland. The surrounding cities have average income earners. This means that all that pertains to them is of affordable price.

The region and surrounding cities have got job intensity of about 1800 per square mile. The many low-income jobs within the city boundaries cause an alarm of shifting in paradigm. People will now prefer minimum wage work since in their neighboring cities the employment rate per square mile is much high and perhaps may not accommodate all due to the ever increasing population size.

New markets rate

The surrounding cities are experiencing a massive increase in new markets. For instance, from the year 2003-2013, the cities neighboring Oakland have seen a sharp rise in new markets by 340 units. This shows that these areas are a rich source of trading activities, meaning that the trade environment is conducive and is likely to draw many people in the neighborhood.

This means that there will be a massive flow of goods and services across Oakland borders with her neighboring cities. Trade has been known to change the demographic of buying and selling as well the living standards of people. As more new markers are advanced, more people get employed and earn income. The more people engage in new markets, the faster their living standards changes.

Resultantly, individuals will move from low-income bracket to medium and even high-income earners bracket. The demand for better housing and goods will be high and put pressure on the borders of Oakland. This poses a danger to my city.

Change in rent rates

Cities surrounding Oakland have experienced a significant increase in rent charges. For example, there has been an increase in rent charges from 8% to 47% from the year 2000-2013. The increase in rent charge means that low-income household is at high risk of being displaced by the higher income earners who are capable of paying the increased house rents. There will be a significant move of people from those regions that have high rent charges. This means that surrounding cities with low-income earners will be at the mercy of the high-income earners. Displacement in such case is likely to occur in Oakland as well.

From the discussion above, it is evident that at least 55% of households living in the neighborhood cities risks displacement. Neighborhoods with increasing rent charges are at a danger of losing the low-income earners households.

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