Discipline is the act of enforcing rules on children.

Most communities around the world also agree that punishing children is the only way to teach them discipline. As a result of the harsh punishments that some parents administer to their children in the name of discipline, there have been reports of serious injury and even death. If the pattern is not broken, we will continue to hear and see more disturbing reports about how parents mistreat their children. The most important element that fuels discipline has emerged as the social setup and beliefs. Discipline is valued in various cultures around the world. They view it as one of the foundations of a morally upright society. According to most of the people, the only way of maintaining a community where the young ones grow up full of respect is through following the famous biblical phrase “spare the rod, spoil the child.” Some parents have translated this say into using canes and other means that inflict pain on a child as the way of instilling disciplining children. While in some cases this method has been effective, in others it has not been successful. Most of the children in such societies grow up with the fear of constant punishment from their elders even on slight mistakes. The methods have worked in some instances as the children may grow up in an upright manner. Studies have shown that students who live in the countryside where discipline has been given a lot of emphasis seem to be respectable and show more morals than those in the urban centers. The research showed that the diversity in the towns has not had a lot of positive impacts on the kids. However, in the rural setups, there are many role models who the children can follow. The act has some disadvantages. There have been cases where children have psychological disorders due to the constant fear of manhandling from the elders. Such kids will be unable to share the problems they have with their parents because they are made to believe that what they say will not be considered.
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The society can decide not to put a lot of focus on using punishment as a way of disciplining the children and emphasize on other means such as counseling. The decision may have both positive and negative impacts on the adults and children at large. The children may get free with their elders and as a result, develop a great relationship with the community. In such a situation, the society can become conducive to both the young and the older members. Such a population always grows both socially and economically. On the other hand, if children are not put in check, it would be a common thing to witness the highest level of moral rots in the society as they grow up. Such communities tend to experience the highest rates of crime and immorality. The situation would arise from the fact that the children would grow up in an uncontrolled environment.
In conclusion, discipline is necessary for the well being of any society, nation or international relations. The members of the community must be able to control the young ones and guide them towards following the right path. Indiscipline in the society leads to absolute ruin to those involved. Every stakeholders and authority must ensure that they provide the best means for making sure that they are better role models to the young ones. In as much as a discipline is instilled, care must be taken not to inflict unnecessary pain on the children who may amount to child abuse.

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