Dirk van der Elst

As a result, there should be inequalities based on cultural limits, according to Dirk van der Elst. Despite this, he agrees that segregation of duties is essential for living in order for the community to function. In a nutshell, Elst recognizes the need of specialization and power in society, but he opposes the idea of passing them down and supports individual accomplishment. For instance, he believed that authority should not be inherited but rather acquired. Separation of roles is also important in society, yet stratification is harmful because it limits and prejudices people. I agree with this notion of Elst due to the fact that it is applicable and on point to the current society.

In the society, gender segregation and specialization are often indicators of order and dependability, as a matter of fact, they demonstrate equity. This is where everyone is given tasks that he/ she can handle well as per their gender and assigned role. I have observed that in societies where rigid cultural norms are instilled, such as hereditary leadership, weakness tend to take root. There are several cases of weak succession and underperformance that is made so by the complacency in such environments. Stratification, on the other hand, requires a substantial population hard pressed for resources, in which case, clusters or classes of individuals are formed so that the wealth and power are given as per the clusters which are often rigid. The 4 Ps are the various elements that contribute to the inequity in society such as power. They are earned through achievement and this demonstrates a functional society as opposed to those in which they are inherited.

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