According to estimates, 67 percent of the adult population in the United States is overweight. As a result, a bulging waistline is a lucrative market for diet plan designers. The paper provides a summary of the three weight loss plans and how they compare in terms of nutritional profile. Weight Watchers, Volumetrics, and Jenny Craig, are the three plans available.
Jenny Craig’s work schedule includes pre-packaged food, which aids in diet control (Bushman and Barbara, 154). As a result, people can sign up in person or online. However, unlike other control systems, pre-packaged nutritional foods lack the personal appeal of consuming fresh foods. Though the training is hard, the participants have better results in the end.

The volumetrics encompass eating foods with low densities in large volumes. It makes one feel full while actually losing weight (Michael et al. 244). The training process is simple as people get enlightened on the low-calorie foods: low-fat fish, beans, and fruits. The foods to avoid (candy and high sugar drinks) are spelled out clearly. However, the program might not guarantee the long term results.

The Weight Watchers short-term plan is more than 40 years old (Gudzune et al.550). The training gets based on the basis of weekly meetings and 4 major pillars offering healthy weight loss, a flexible plan, ability to make choices, and a holistic embodiment which incorporates behavior. Foods with high fiber content are recommended; the participants can adhere to the program in the long term. However, they might become weary due to the training process.

The major changes for the weight loss programs should get accompanied with scientific literature. Thus, people would understand the physiological processes their bodies should go through and rarely miss the training sessions.

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