"Description of the Role (Make a list of at least five skills, three of which must be unique to the area of criminal justice.)"

Why are the specified skills required for success in the position? Officer in charge of probation
A probation officer is a law enforcement officer who deals with individuals who have been convicted of crimes and are sentenced to probation rather than being reincarnated.
It requires a wide range of abilities, including communication, critical thinking, decision-making, emotional stability, organizational skills, and writing.
Communication skills are needed for fieldwork since the officer must communicate with clients and coworkers. Pattern identification, higher-order thinking, and analytical reasoning are required to assess the validity of arguments, examine circumstances, and require critical thinking skills. To make the right choices, a probation officer needs skills to make the best decisions about various things such as job options, housing and even treatment of the clients. Emotional stability skills enable the officers to pass through difficult situations presented by the clients. Poor choices can make them frustrated. The organizational skills enable the officers to deal with many clients and manage many cases at once. The last but not the least, writing skills are needed for making reports and maintaining records.
Corrections officer
These are the officers who uphold security in an institution while still overseeing the safety and health of prisoners and the staff. They physically patrol and make units, prisoners, buildings, prisoner clothing, and prisoner property inspections and other things visually to ensure the safety, security, and welfare of both inmates and the staff.
Their skills of correctional officers involve communication, monitoring, negotiation, responsiveness and organizational skills.
The communications skills help a correctional officer to communicate efficiently with the inmates and the staff. The control skills are used to observe and understand the prisoners well. On the other hand, the negotiations skills are required by the correctional officer to establish a good relationship with the inmates to ensure the compliance and safety of the detainees. These skills also help the officers in resolving and mediating conflicts. The responsiveness skills are required in making the necessary responses in all situations, for instance when the inmates become violent without emotions or overreacting. Last but not the least, the organization skills are required all times when the officer is serving many prisoners.

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In 300-500 words, write a summary of your job exploration and respond to the following:
Discuss why you are interested in the selected jobs.
Explain how the job skills required for each job you selected are related to your professional goals.
Describe the strategy you would use to achieve the skills needed for the jobs you selected.Criminal Justice: Job Exploration
InstitutionResponse of the Probation officer and Corrections Officer Job Explorations
Reasons for Being Interested in the Selected Jobs
There are various reasons why I am interested in being a probation officer and a correction officer. The first reason is because of professional fit. It is because my set skills are relevant and beneficial in the two job descriptions. Moreover, I will also be able to benefit as an individual both financially and professionally. The other reason is that I culturally fit in the two job descriptions. I have liked what I have heard and read about the two, and as a result, it seems a perfect fit for my values. The third reason is that I fit in the job because of the elements of the job such as ensuring equality and ensuring that justice is served to all people evenly.
Relationship between the Selected Job Skills and my Professional Goals
Probation Officer
There are various ways through which the skills of a probation officer are related to my personal goals. For instance, communication skills are always applicable and useful in all situations which involve many people. Almost all jobs require many people, and as a result, these skills will be utilized in organizing and also uniting people to achieve the common goal. The other useful skills in my professional goals include critical thinking and decision making skills which are applied in diverse situations.Corrections Officer
Monitoring skills are crucial for a correctional officer although they can be used in many more other professions. They are important because they involve the utilization of various strategies which are essential to improving the current situations. Moreover, the skills are also critical in creating a favorable environment where all people do what they are supposed to do without close supervision. Acquiring these skills together with the organizational and responsive skills are highly correlated with my professions goals.
Strategies I will use to Achieve the skills Needed in becoming a Probation Officer and a Corrections Officer
There ae various strategies which I will use to obtain different skills required for the above jobs. The fist strategy is training. I will involve in many activities where I will be able to mingle with various people who will subject me into different situations which I will utilize in learning various necessary skills. Working in different cross-occupational groups will provide the significant opportunity for learning many skills. The other strategy I will employ is to train myself about the care for others. In this case, I will be able to acquire the best skills which will help me in the job, for instance, organizational and efficient communication skills can be achieved through this strategy.

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