Descartes’ surprising ending

Descartes' Unexpected Conclusion

Descartes' unexpected conclusion is his ability to show the existence of God. Descartes was able to recognize an infinitely flawless being who was more perfect than him. Descartes also discovered that his existence was dependent on the perfect being. Descartes used the method of doubt to combat skepticism (Descartes, 1980). He begins by questioning the veracity of everything, including propositions of sense and cultural propositions as the foundation of thinking itself. Descartes asserts that truth about the world is absolutely undeniable and hence a certain absolute substance for knowing, despite the strong skeptical challenge of doubt. However, Descartes realized that it was not possible for him to doubt what was in his mind or thoughts. While meditating on the nature of his dreams as well as the unreliability of his senses, Descartes became aware of his process of thinking in which he realized it was a proof of existence (Descartes, 1980). Besides, he separated the body and the soul on the basis on the unreliability of the senses.

Descartes' Own Doubts and the Existence of God

Descartes' own doubts led to his belief that he was an imperfect being and his ability to conceive perfections meant there was a perfect being outside of him. This is an evidence to show that God exist (Descartes, 1980). Therefore, the surprising ending of Descartes was when he realized that a perfect being existed which is God and that God had enabled him to arrive at that conclusion. Descartes deviates from proving his existence as the basis of all knowledge to proving the existence of God as a source of absolute truth.


Descartes, R. (1980). Discourse on the method of rightly conducting one's reason and of seeking truth in the sciences.

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