Democracy in the United States

Democracy in the United States

Democracy has thrived in the United States for centuries. The right to practice democracy is expressed by the United States citizens and most countries all over the world. Democracy is upheld when free and fair elections are conducted. Elections involve preferred candidates who are affiliated with their individual beliefs and political parties which represent the interests of the people. The paper aims to provide a reaction to a current political event in the United States. The choice of reaction is based on the recently upcoming elections in Tennessee about the midterms. The main focus of the paper will relate to several study topics as will be discussed as follows.

Public Opinion

The public opinion relates to the prevalent views that are expressed by the American people. The public opinion from the upcoming Tennessee elections favors the greater chance of the Democratic party to win. Statistics observed that this year alone, the Democrats party has managed to win in the Florida, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Missouri states (Joel- Ebert). Popular culture plays a significant role in public opinion. One such culture is the recent trends which regard the optimistic public opinion on the Democratic party win for the upcoming midterm elections. The Republican party is, however, warning against the reading too much into the current trends. The Americans in the world are viewed as a great example to emulate when it comes to the freedom of public opinion. Several public figures like the executive director Michael Sullivan of the Tennessee Republican party has come out express his political view on the wins of the political parties (Joel- Ebert). The freedom to express individual thoughts through the media and social forums regarding the upcoming Tennessee midterm elections is very open. Americans are a very vocal nation when it comes to public opinion especially on matters concerning public opinion. Americans get involved in the polls, but special elections experience a rather low voter turnout (Ginsberg-Benjamin, 230).

The Media

The media involves a platform where mass communication is collectively achieved through the internet, publishing, and news broadcasting. The news coverage mainly focuses on the current issues especially in politics as various politicians seek to gain popularity by conducting the political agenda through the media. Media power and politics cannot be underestimated. The impact of the media and politics. The media article on the upcoming Tennessee elections has been able to give the detailed political insights to the public about the reality of the party politics and opinions regarding the elections (Joel- Ebert). The media tells Americans about the immediate local concerns regarding the upcoming midterm elections to the world, and the world is told about the election preparedness and democratic practice in America. The media power and democracy are an inseparable pair. The practice of democracy is incomplete without media freedom (Ginsberg-Benjamin, 262).

Political Participation and Voting

Voting is the right to give or register preference of representation of a post in a political contest. The political participation in voting is right by all American citizens. Voting and political participation groups Americans into their various religious, age, gender, and ethnic origins. The reason for voting in the upcoming midterm Tennessee elections serves a political purpose of participation. The participation for voting became necessary after Tracy (a Republican) resigned following an appointment by the current American president Donald Trump to the United States Department of Agriculture (Joel- Ebert). The forms of political participation and popular culture are dependent on the civic engagement, political mobilization, and the formal obstacles that are in existence in Tennessee. The voting patterns are predicted to be inclined in favor of the dominant Democrats who are identified through their political affiliation. Political participation and liberty are a right expressed through voting which upholds the rights to equality and democracy (Ginsberg-Benjamin, 299).

Political Parties

Political parties exist as organized groups that believe in similar political ideas and intentions which are directed towards the influence of public policy. The role of political parties is to present the ideal candidate to be voted for by the people to represent them in a public office. The upcoming Tennessee midterm elections present the American people with a contest between Gayle Jordan against Shane Reeves. The two candidates belong to two different political parties. The two-party system in America will determine the winner takes all of the losing party gaining nothing. The two-party system in America as represented in the upcoming Tennessee elections dominates the plurality of the electoral systems over smaller parties (Joel- Ebert). The party organization will be the key determinant of the winning and losing candidate in the upcoming midterm elections. Group affiliations and the recruited candidates characterize the party and the elections in America. The candidate Gayle Jordan is a Democrat while Shane Reeves is a Republican. The media respects the political stands of both parties but offers critics on different perspective views according to the political party and group of affiliation. The world relates very significantly to political parties. America and its people form governments by the contest between political parties (Ginsberg-Benjamin, 338).


It is important to relate the current political events and the way they are influenced by various aspects like political parties, the media, public opinion, and voter participation. The rights that are accorded to the American people to practice democracy should be respected. The roles played by various systems and organizations towards politics are very important to enable democracy.

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