Dancing with a Song in my Heart

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Counts and corrections have constantly been the most significant factor in my life. Five! Four! Three! Pull up, flip out, toes pointed, I can’t explain the feeling. My brain freezes when the brilliant lights beat down against me, music ringing in the course of my ears. Dancing is my valuable experience than enjoying pop-scotch with my friends on the sidewalk. However, I was caught up in a second when I had no idea of what next. It was the worst dancer’s nightmare.
Six years down the line; however I still recall it like yesterday, when I experienced the worst embarrassment and disappointments on the stage. I owe an apology to my dance teacher, who had put a lot of effort to make me the best dancer. I only had two options; either do nothing about it and be done with the concert or psych myself up and do my solo dance. Nevertheless,I had spent the whole of my time practicing it. It was terrifying and dramatic, but I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and rised back to the stage, this time charged up than ever. I performed my solo dance exceptionally good, fighting against the fears of failure inside me. One of the philosophers said, “If you stumble, make it part of the dance.” It was a remarkable moment for learning.

Performing on the stage, exciting my audience with magical body moves is my passion. Dance is my outlet; expressing my emotions without a word. If you have never witnessed me dancing, you have no idea of who I am. However, illuminating the passion of dancing comes with a significant sacrifice. At the age of four, I danced at Pinnel Dance Center. Since six, I have had auditions for competition lines, which have perfected my skills. Taking my dance on the stage, with a hundred audience has earned me confidence. During my entire period in high school, I spent almost 20 hours in a week at the dance studio sharpening my skills. I am convinced that I have to make substantial sacrifices for something I like, where I have to forego spending my free time with friends, watching movies or sleeping.

Apparently, from my tight schedule where I have to balance class work and my dance, I have acquired the skill of time management. I decided to stretch my nerves by challenging myself not only in dance but also in my class work. Again, I decided to include hard classes like many AP and honors. It could be possible for me to take easier classes, where I could have scored a 4.0, but I am always confident with the challenge. Education is my most reliable source of information, where I maximize it as much as possible to be a better version of me. It has not been an easy task to balance school and dance without losing any, but I have worked extensively hard to maintain success of the two.

One of the most favorite parts of my week activity is volunteering to teach the dance classes. Since my childhood, I have had an immense desire to help people, more so children. The smiles I put on those small girls’ face is priceless; however, they don’t understand the happiness they bring to me in return. When teaching them to be better dancers, I have to act like a leader because many of them look up to me, carefully following my actions. To portray a better picture to these innocent souls, I have to be punctual and organized, which are essential life skills for one to succeed. In fact, spending most of my time with the kids made me realize that in future, I need to specialize in pediatrician. To accomplish this discovery, I plan to earn a degree to be a pediatric, with a minor in dance.

My continued passion and love for dance make me realize that I must have the courage to face challenges despite how hard the situation may be. Dance has equipped me with leadership skills, dedication, and impacted a notion in my mind that nothing comes easy. From the dance, I have gained confidence, determination, strong work ethic and a lifelong passion.

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