Current Issues in Healthcare

150 million Americans are thought to receive insurance coverage from their jobs. Thus, it should be noted that conventional employer-based insurance is a crucial component of American healthcare, particularly for the young working class. (Pauly, 2017). Numerous people and organizations have criticized the Affordable Care Act's execution, claiming that the law is incompatible with free market principles. One of the forecasts made by the opponents was that the ACA would eliminate employer insurance, leaving the workers on their own. It is noted that the impact of the ACA on the stability of employer-sponsored insurance depends on variables like the size of the business, average pay, and the number of employees, and degree to which the salaries are in the firm. Moreover, the stability is further noted to be dependent on how the businesses respond to the subsidies that are available on the exchanges for employees who earn lower wages. The intervention of the government is, therefore, recommended to fix the private sector insurance by making all low-wage workers eligible for the subsidies.

The primary goal of the ACA was to improve access to healthcare by reducing the costs that are associated with health insurance coverage (Pauly, 2017). Lack of insurance is one of the barriers to healthcare with the uninsured individuals paying more than people who are covered. I think that ACA will improve access to healthcare by reducing the number of uninsured Americans by making insurance more affordable. The policy will further eliminate geography, race/ethnicity, and income disparities, hence, ensuring that everybody can access healthcare regardless of the existing financial and related social barriers.


Pauly, M. (2017). Is There a Future for Employer Sponsored Health Insurance: Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative. Retrieved 10 January 2017, from

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