Comparison of France and Spain

There many countries that shared many features in the world and they border each other. These features include geographical location, ethnicity, language and even same colony. In my research, I choose to examine about the Spain and France. These two countries have many features in common ranging from geographical location, climate, both are members of EU and many others.

             France and Spain are countries found in Europe continent and they are adjacent to each other. The countries are separated by attractive and longest border across by the name Pyrenees. Spain and France have this eye-catching mountain scenery which borders them. This establishment is centred near the topmost of mountain Perdu, a calcareous mountain range that rises to 3352m above the sea level. It has an overall area of 30639 ha, comprising of two of Europe’s deepest and largest valleys on the Spanish side and three main glaciated valley walls on the more unexpected northern slopes with France, typical exhibitions of these geographical landforms It extends the modern-day state boundaries of Spain and France.  Another advantage of this site is that it is a pastoral setting representing an agricultural way of life that was once common in the highland sections of Europe but now it is only found in the Pyrenees. Therefore it gives incomparable insights into historical European culture through its landscape of farms, villages, mountain roads, upland pastures and fields.

            These two countries are members of the European Union. With the establishment of this union, it has brought stability and peace between these two nations. It has given citizens of these two nations to work freely in either state as they enjoy the right of wandering and living as European Union citizen. Also, no duties are paid on trade between these countries, so the citizens benefit from this offer. They can import or export goods without any state’s barriers. In addition to that, forming firms and operating them is easy. Also, students from either France or Spain can study in any university within these two states since the diplomas or certificates are recognized by all EU members. Also, persons can work out of their nation without losing societal security. Both use the same currency that is Euro in their trades and are members of the Latin Union and the NATO. They enjoy recognition from all over the world as they are members of United Nations. These two nations are members of G6 which is a collection of influential countries in European Union; this has given them to combine forces very well in Economic development, social development, European Constitution and defence.

            The dialogue between Spain and France is dense and marked by a mutual trust which is dense, as evident in the State visit to the King of Spain to Paris in the Mid of 2015. This is also evident in the latest three bilateral summits, bi-annual Spain and France meeting attended by the president of France as well as the head of state of the Spanish government. The most recent summit between Spain and France was held in 27th November 2013 in Madrid, 1st December 2014 in Paris, ad February 2017 in Malaga. A very effective law enforcement relationship drives the relationship and this has assisted in weakening the ETA in the long run, and the concrete corporation project in the transport and energy (interconnection), which is a significant field for the two nations. The position of the two countries converges on all of the issues in Europe and they share related concerns and priorities concerning the major international topics.

            During the 25th bilateral summit which was held on February 2017, the Spanish Government welcomed the president of France to accompany by three ministers and 2 ministers of the State and the final summit declaration set out Shared priorities of Spain and France for Europe. The president of Spanish government set out the foundation for enhanced concentration in the Future of Europe (including in quadripartite capacity with Italy and Germany as was carried out at migration summit).

            Historically France and Spain had recognised powerful Kingdoms. These two kingdoms were well established with commanding Generals, this led to war between two countries and it lasted for 24 years. Many people were killed and displaced from their homes. This battle comes to an end in the year 1659 after signing of the agreement of the Pyrenees in the same year. This covenant was signed in the island of Pheasant which borders both nations. From then both countries have been in harmony with each other and even both take part against the nationalist group ETA, who struggled for self-governing Basque state with land from both nations. With a combination of their effort, they were able to over it.

            This two nation exchanges their culture than any other nations in Europe. The Musee Picasso which is instituted in the French capital Paris houses was done by the Spanish citizen. The publication estimated that 122,385 French people reside in Spain and 128,000 Spanish individuals live in France, while it is also approximated that 144,039 persons in France were given birth in Spain. The Spanish Civil War and the suffering instantly after stimulated Spanish migration to the more advanced and self-ruled France, which had employment unavailability in the repercussion of the Second World War.

            Despite the disaster in Spain, there is a huge contract of the corporation between the two nations which is evident daily in a vast range in the learning sector, culture as well as language. Symbolic of this cooperation, Pompidou Museum branch immigrated on 28th March 2015 in Malaga. The cultural network of France in Spain is working all over the nation, with six institute’s branches or Français (Valencia, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Saville, Madrid, Bilboa, and Zaragoza) as well as 20 Alliances Françaises.  At the same time as the second leading language taught in Spain if French, it is still susceptible. Learning of the second language in the institutions is not a must.

            Approximately 2 million individuals in France are learning Spanish language and almost 1.2 million people in Spain are learning French in their institutions. The school network of French in Spain is the third largest in the world after Morocco and Lebanon and is the largest in Europe. In addition, Spain has 330 bilingual sections containing 27,000 learners. Furthermore, France is the biggest Final destination for the students From Spain in the agendas of mobility (above six thousand between 2013 and 2014 which is very close to that of the United Kingdom). An accord on the dual documentation after the conclusion of the secondary education which is commonly referred to as Bachibac accord was signed by the heads of the learning sectors in the two nations. It offers for the organization of for coming up with the curriculum for learners to get both the Spanish as well as French baccalaureates. The framework related to the international agreement on culture, language and education schemes in the learning institutions signed by the two nations combined French bilingual fields. An accord between Spanish and French university networked was also signed by the two nations.

            Technical as well as scientific collaboration whose basis is  the agreements between the main development and research institutions in France for example the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER), the French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER), and ), the French Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) as well as their Spanish partners in the scientific cooperation programmes in the foreign countries, and European laboratories (LEA). In addition, its Spanish equivalent and the French National Space Agency, the CDTI, entered into a cooperation agreement at the bilateral summit.

            In the few past years, due to fast-improving economy in Spain, the equilibrium concerning Spain and France has moved to a certain extent. The steadiness has also transformed for the reason that of liberalization of the Spanish culture ever since the death of Franco in 1975. France is one of the main trading cohorts of Spain. In a few years ago a diplomatic from Spain decided to go to France as it was an ambassadorial visit since his compliance. This official visit was extensively viewed as a way to hail the outstanding mutual relations concerning France and Spain. France is the leading economic partner of with and yearly trade of more than €65 billion. Over the first consecutive ten months in the year 2016, France made a trade surplus of more than €600 million, consistent with the past years including 2014 as well as 2015. The exports of France were stronger than imports of the country. The market share of France in Spain is growing at a faster rate since the two countries started the relationship since because of the robust sales of the equipment used in the transportation. Trading in the transportation equipment between the two nations is definitely on the rise.  French exports which are approximately (€7.4 billion is more robust as compared to imports which are approximately €6 billion. Similarly, the market share of Spain in France is growing at the rate of six percent which is the highest in the last ten years mainly as a result of the revitalized automobile industry in France.

            The position of companies in the two nations has remained stable from 1999 at approximately eleven percent after a huge drop record in the early 1990s. Due to this, in 2014, France was the second largest supplier of France after Germany and it its number one customer. On the other hand, Spain was the second largest customer of France after Germany and ahead of United Kingdom, United States, and Italy.

             Investment has been crucial in both the two countries. France has always remained the third-biggest investor in Spain (after United Kingdom, United States, and Italy), with over 2,000subsiidiaries providing job opportunities to more than 300,000 individuals. The companies of France which are in Spain remains leading on the account of their primary positions in the specific marketplace, for instance, telecommunication, automobile industry as well as the retail market.  The companies of Spain are operating in more than 1,100 sites in France and it provides job opportunities to more than 50,000 individuals. Finally, related to the financial sector, the banks in France are the leading holders of the public debt of Spain.

            After the pro-home rule forces of General Franciso Franco were triumphant at the completion of the Spanish Civil battle in the year 1939, there was a conversation of Lilvia, one of small exclave Spanish town 3km inside the country of France, becoming the territory of the defeated Republican Army. No decision was reached and the authorities of France permitted the Nationalities to reside in Llivia. With re-establishment of the French regime in the final part of the Second World War, associations of France and Spain turn out to be more difficult. Displaced Spanish communalists had gained access to the northern Spain from France through the Val d’ Aran, however, were drive back by Franco’s police and Army forces. The boundary between the two nations was closed for a short period by French in June 1954. It was shut until further notice March 1, 1946, after the killing of its native in Spain. The Franco state condemned the action, point out that many immigrants from France had used the identical boundary to escape to protection in Spain for the period of the war. A number of days after the border closing, of the government France, give out a diplomatic annotation with Britain and United States of America calling the launching of a new interim administration in Madrid.

            Furthermore, Spain’s officially disconnect the bond with Nazi Germany and Italy resulted in allegation and mistrust. A number of French and Nazis traitors run away to Francoist Spain after the end of the battle, most remarkably Pierre Laval, who was twisted over to the Allies in the month of July 1945. The French investigation shows that 100,000 Nazis are in the republic and that Franco was developing a deadly nuclear weapons and anticipated to attack France in1946. By the beginning of the Cold War, associations with time recover. The Pyrenean boundary was re-opened once more in the year 1948 specifically month of February. A number of months later, Britain alongside with French government signed a valuable treaty with Franco regime. Relationships progressively developed in 1950 when the French administrations, alarmed world-wide rebellion, make the Spanish Communist Party vacate France.

             The relationship between the Spanish government and Franco improved more with the setting up of the French Fifth State in the year 1958. Even though the insurgent French General Raoul Salandiscoveringreserve among Falangists in Spain for six months that values between 190 and 1961, the French finance Minister pay a courtesy call to Madrid in April 1963 to finalise a new profitable agreement. During the time when Spain was been commanded by General Francisco Franco, the France government thought that ETA occurrences were intended at dethroning the administration of Franco, and did not feel targeted by ETA. During the Attacks, unrelenting after the demise of Franco France started cooperation with the Spanish regime.

            The relationship between the two countries has always remained strong. They have always worked together in boosting their economy and this is evident in the several agreements which have been signed by the two nations since the past. They have also worked together to enhance their cultures. Today, Spanish languages are taught in France and on the other hand, French is taught on Spain.

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