Comparison of Essay

Writing in Academic Studies

Through combining these two essays, it is evident that writing is of paramount significance in the academic studies that students pursue in school. Through writing, inexperienced persons manage to gather information and skip it on to their peers and instructors as part of the learning process. Those that are fine writers can easily express themselves and communicate their point, mainly to the instructors as compared to their counterparts who cannot write professionally. It is the case because pupil performance is assessed mainly through their potential to write and showcase their level of comprehension of the material protected in class. In this sense, it is crucial that students manage to write in an educational format to put to paper the content that they have gained in class. However, the writing requirement may depend on the nature of the class where students taking literature and other content creation courses may need to write more as compared to the technical learners who mainly engage in practical lessons.

Styling in Writing

In the essay, “How to be a Fluent Writer,” Rudolf talks about styling as a component of writing that distinguishes between effective and non-effective writers. In this sense, writers need to be well-versed with the academic styling for their work to match institutional standards that are dictated for class work. Students who cannot manage to apply the different academic styles appropriately end up being penalized in class because it is part of the lesson to learn the manner in which to present work for academic purposes. On the other hand, Lucas does not advocate for styling in his essay, “On the Fascination of Style.” According to the author, writers who bother about their style are likely to become unreadable when trying to fit in the reader’s position rather than having the free self-expression. There is the insinuation that style is somewhat overrated in the sense that it holds waters because it is associated with superior and precious personalities such as Oscar Wilde who would spend a lot of time working on the style of their work.

Self-Expression through Writing

Both of these essays talk about self-expression through writing. Students have to prove their comprehension of classwork through writing their reading responses to the instructors for the evaluation of their input as compared to lesson delivery. According to Rudolf, effective writing has to appear as if the author is talking to the reader; the latter receives what the author produces from the mind and puts on paper. In this sense, the reader manages to experience the writer’s feelings and thoughts pertaining the topic at hand. Lucas talks about the most rigid communists and organization-man; the idea is that each has a unique perception of things, fingerprints and personality in totality. In this sense, each person has something to show to the world, and this is easily done in writing. Both authors want to show that writing is of the essence in the daily lives of people as they go about their business.

Writing as Communication

On top of academic writing, people communicate a lot through text in the corporate and social worlds. This is the case through letters, e-mails, text messages, and so forth. Both of these authors agree that writing is a vital part of the modern society as communication revolves around written works as a significant channel of communication among the people. Also, it is through writing that the contemporary generations get to learn about history and events that took place time immemorial. In these essays, the authors talk about the language used in the written works. They agree on the usage of different kinds of vocabularies depending on the target audiences. Different readers are likely to understand written content differently depending on various demographic factors such as age, education levels, and occupation. An author can use technical language when addressing mechanical engineers, but cannot apply the same diction when addressing students in a theology class. Both Rudolf and Lucas concur with this idea and support the fact that writers ought to be considerate of their target audiences when choosing the language to use when writing.

The Evolution of Language

Still, on the issue of language, both authors believe that it evolves. Different generations are likely to better or worsen language depending on the way that they choose to use it in different contexts. Rudolf states that words are powerful and treacherous than people may suspect sometimes and this makes communication harder than people perceive. This being the case, the usage of words both in daily communication and in the corporate world changes over time. For example, the way official letters were written 50 years ago is significantly different from the way they are written in the modern day organization. With the new technology and emergence of social media, people have also changed the manner in which they convey personal messages. In the future, it is likely that the choice of words in daily communication will be different from the current usage of vocabulary among the people.

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