Classification of Mothers

Every everyone on the planet has a mother and whether they are separated or not, a mother and her kid form an unbreakable tie. Mothers may choose not to care for and provide for their children, but this does not break the link they share (C37kaujillian 1). Mothers, on the other hand, have additional responsibilities beyond the scientific explanation that makes them guardians, teachers, and doctors, among other things. Moms are distinct individuals who can be classed based on their qualities.

According to research, 10% of children encounter the ideal traits of a mother at any given time. The ideal mother shows numerous amounts of care and affection to her children. She supports her children by having maximum interest in their undertakings (C37kaujillian 1). She loves and shows her love by increased emotions including hugs and kisses to her children. The ideal mother issues attention to her children at all times. She aids her children in obtaining self-independence individually. The ideal mother shows commitment to her children despite having occasional emotional breakdowns and responsibilities (Psychologies 1). This kind of motherhood results in a child that has a good heart and obedient.

The Bossy Mother

The bossy mother is characterized by an obsession towards the behavior of her children and how the children conduct themselves. She is also referred to as the disciplinarian. She portrays strictness to her children and additionally has rules that guiding behavior that should be followed both outsides and inside her house. The rules are inclusive of reminders to her children to ensure they get home from school on time, they do their homework early, and finish their chores (C37kaujillian 1). In addition, the children to the bossy mother are strictly required to observe cleanliness and have good table manners like eating with their mouths closed.

This mother is always full of anxiety, fear to ensure they have control over appearance. The children to the bossy mother are punished when they do not follow the rules provided and guidance issued. Mothers with the above characteristics could be mistaken for not loving their children. However, their actions show care, affection, and love to their children (Psychologies 1). Children resulting from the bossy mother kind of care grow to be reliable and responsible individuals. The qualities they possess are persistence and exceptionally hard work. Also, they could rebel and become disobedient individuals in the future.

No Caring Mother

Progressively, is the uncaring and in contrast to the boss and ideal mother, this type of mother does not portray love to her child. The uncaring mother does not show any interest in her child and issues her children minimum or no attention at all. She completely distances herself from the children and does not show love in any way. She cares most about her affairs and issues full concentration to her work duties (The Frisky 1). To the uncaring mother, it neither matters the kind of food her child takes nor whether her children go to school. The children under the uncaring mother grow into loneliness and a feeling of the deprivation of the necessity of humanity (C37kaujillian 1). The uncaring mothers are hard to find but there is the prevalence of the children with the characteristics of being raised from an uncaring family (Psychologies 1). Perfect mothers do not exist. However, with unique characteristics and diversity mothers are special individuals within the lives of their children.

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