Civil War and Women's Rights

After the war, the women's rights organization kept expanding. It is sufficient to note that during this time, a sizable number were compelled to return home or take on household responsibilities. However, the post-war period marked a significant turning moment for women in history. American leaders have begun to acknowledge that women are essential to the social, political, and fiscal advancement of society. The women started to battle for acceptance from the authorities while promoting inclusivity. Women and their new positions were starting to be accepted by society.

The organization of female emancipation during the conflict gave the movement fresh life. Women were provided with the chance to manage and control their destiny as a result of the war. Women could live the life they desired and worked to earn money. Further, they were able to manage finances without necessarily depending on men. A significant number of women refused to complacently take up duties they occupied before the advent of the war. After the war, more women sought for paid employment in the public service than before.

The end of the Civil War marked the beginning of the women’s suffrage movement. Efforts were focused on fighting for political rights including that of voting. In 1869, the women leaders fought hard to amend the constitution to entrench women’s suffrage. The feminists viciously campaigned against the traditional female roles. The primary objective was to challenge patriarchy and overthrow it. The women were against the set standard gender roles.

After the Civil War, women started to push for equality. There were broader disparities between the two genders regarding the access to resources. Men controlled the majority of wealth and disenfranchised women. Before 1848, women were denied access to education. It is crucial to mention that even the few who managed to attend seminary were not allowed to go to college or university. The end of the Civil War motivated women to seek for training opportunities like men.

The call for social justice grew louder as feminists castigated the government for “clothing” deviants and the honest ones in rags. The statement illustrates the extent of societal injustices meted against women who fight and defend their rights. The feminists called on all women to join the Alliance for championing for a better life, freedom of speech, and the right to property among others. The women fought against oppression from the government regarding their push for recognition and a greater public space. They stood firm against state machinery and institutions that seemed determined to subvert their course. The feminist started t point out the inconsistencies in the gender relationships. The woman bears the burden of giving birth to a child, but the society is quick to bestow the responsibility to provide security to the man. There was the need to oppose the gender differences designed to dehumanize women and glorify men instead.

In conclusion, the end of the Civil War in America contributed to women consciousness and intensified the demand for justice. The saw many feminists write much literature that sought to demystify the idea of the patriarch and entrench equality. In a nutshell, women become more proactive in all spheres of life unlike before the war.


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