Civil Liberties: Abortion


Throughout several periods of life, the right to abortion has been greatly questioned as people attempt to justify their stance on the basis of social, philosophical, and political views.

The Right to Privacy

I think abortion is also a right to privacy because it is the absolute duty of the bearer to determine what they feel convenient for them. In reality, after conceiving, a woman should be granted an opportunity to think about what is best for her life and whether she should raise a small child. Although social issues regarding abortion are real, I agree that a line must be drawn between personal rights and the greater interest or what is perceived to be morally right.

BenYishay and Betancourt (2014)

BenYishay and Betancourt (2014) stated that civil liberties are more effective as compared to political rights as the individual can understand their role to make personal decisions (554). For instance, if a fifteen-year-old girl gets pregnant out of a rape case, should she be denied the right to abort? Consider her psychological wellbeing if she maintains the pregnancy. Won't the child be a constant reminder of a dark phase in her life? While the society would argue based on the foetus and its rights, it is crucial to remember that another person's rights will be infringed not only physically but emotionally and psychologically. It has been established that about four in ten pregnancies in America are unwanted mostly leading to abortion (Orlando Women's Center). The burden of raising an unwanted child can be waived through abortion and individuals should be given the right to determine that.

The Bridge Between Civil Liberties and Societal Concerns

Indeed, the bridge between civil liberties and societal concerns should be clearly indicated as part of private rights. Regardless of mass opinion, some decisions that affect an individual should not be interfered with by public good.

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