Children Intelligence and Internet

Bower, Peter. Growing up in an online world: The impact of the internet on children and teenagers.
This is a journal written by Bower Peter who is a community practitioner. The journal provides data of how children frequently use the social media and the types of machines they used to get right of entry to social media. The journal was produced in 2013 at its 86th volume. This means that the document is up to date because 2013 is just five years ago. The kind of language used in the journal is not jargon hence it can be easily understood. Additionally, other volumes of the document have existing making the source reliable.
Buckingham, David, and Rebekah Willett. Digital generations: Children, young people, and the new media. Routledge, 2013.
The authors of the book are Buckingham and Rebekah. The title given to the book is captive making readers anxious to know more. Moreover, the book contains qualitative and quantitative research such as interviews and observations. Hence, the book has provided valuable insights on interesting impacts of the new media on children. Moreover, this book has beautiful pictures on how youths and children are behaving in the contemporary world as a result of the tremendously changing technology. The image instills some truth to the reader hence making the book accurate. The book was also published in 2013 making it a current source of reference for my research.
Greenhow, Christine, Benjamin Gleason, and Jiahang Li. "Psychological, social, and educational dynamics of adolescents’ online social networking." Media Education: Studi, Ricerche, Buone Pratiche 5.2 (2014): 115-130.
This is a journal produced by Greenhow, Christine, Gleason and Jiahang in 2014. It is a recent document hence it provides factual findings for my research. The journal presents findings from a qualitative survey that shows the perception that adolescents have about their experience with the social media. Consequently, the document also gives the results of their study in numeric form for efficient communication of the information. Hence the journal provided significant information for my research.
Heider, Kelly L., and Mary Renck Jalongo, eds. Young children and families in the information age: Applications of technology in early childhood. Vol. 10. Springer, 2014.
This is a book edited by Kelly and Mary in 2014. The book illustrates current theories, research, and practice on the impact of technology and information in early childhood education. My research topic was whether the Internet has a positive influence on children’s intelligence making the book relevant in providing the information I needed. The book illustrates how the Internet has made it convenient for children to face their future conveniently without seeking information and technology use knowledge. Moreover, the language employed in this book is simple making it a convenient and understanding source for my research. The authors also warn about parents on the negative influences of wrongly used Internet by their children. Therefore, the source is argumentative in a certain way giving me accurate information without bias.
Mascheroni, Giovanna, and Kjartan Ólafsson. Net children go mobile: Risks and opportunities. Educatt, 2014. The book was produced by Mascheroni and Kjartan produced in 2014.
It is a recent document making it credible and efficient. The authors compare the rate of use of the internet by children of different ages to the speed of using other technologies like watching television. The comparison helped me learn about the statistics about watching television and using the internet to children. Hence this book was an important source of information for my research.

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