Child Growth with cognitive or behavioural problems

The Psychometric Method

The Psychometric Method is the most often used methodology to research intelligence today. Knowledge is a measured attribute according to this strategy, and this contributed to the birth of the intelligence quotient.

Different Views on Intelligence

Intelligence was described by Michael E. Cole as that which differs from one culture to another. According to him, when taken into account, intelligence is the sense in which cognition works. Howard Gardner argued that there is more intelligence than IQ alone because there is no particular intelligence. It is incorrect to judge individual intelligence because it discriminates against test takers by race, ethnicity, culture, and class (Pankratova&Zyryanova, 2014). Additionally, it has been found that it diminishes the importance of creativity as people think that they were born with a particular intellectual potential that cannot be changed. Therefore, they fear they were born with the intelligence they have, and it will determine their success in life.

The Importance of Intelligence Tests

The importance of intelligence tests isthat it is used to identify different children with mental retardation problems and disabilities.

Synthesis and Creativity

The use of synthesis can assess creativity. In this method, people can combine sources and ideas with the aim of solving problems. Doing this enhances the creativity of the people involved, and therefore their creativity can be assessed depending on how they perform in synthesis(Blamires& Peterson, 2014).

The Relationship between Creativity and Intelligence

Hans J. Eysenck, while describing the theory of Psychoticism, argued that more creative people were found to have higher Psychoticism scores as compared to individuals with lower creativity. While creativity is the method of coming up with new ideas about something, intelligence is the ability for someone to acquire knowledge and utilise the acquired knowledge appropriately(Glăveanu, 2014). Allowing children to have divergent views on something encourages their creativity.


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