Cause and Effects of Success

Success can mean achieving the objectives and desired visions that are planned. described success as the feeling of enthusiasm about the things one does, sticking with the things that matter during tough times, and living a life that a person can retrospectively be proud of. There are many concepts of accomplishment, but they all seem to agree on one thing that achieves expected goals and visions that are desired. Success may take many forms, including attaining high grades at college level, being financially stable, and, among other forms, having a successful company. There several cause of success but the main ones include passion, focus, and ideas.

Passion is a main is a primary cause of success, people achieve greater success if they become passionate about the things they do. For instance, becoming passionate about football will make someone train and practice more. This will improve his or her skills with the ball. From passion is the reason why there are great football players such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and they are one of the highest paid athlete pocketing more than 350,000$ a week. Passion for football has made then successful. Primarily passion fuels confidence, create excitement, and it I contagious. Mainly, professional who are confident earn respect from their peers become great leaders.

The focus is the state of having or creating a clear visual definition. Successful people usually do exhibit three types of focus which include inner, other, and outer which are referred to as triple focus. The internal focus is mainly described as the self-awareness, other relates to empathy, while relates to the person becoming aware of the environment. Primarily, having a person on a single-pointed concentration will enable them to become successful as their focus and energy are towards a single factor. For instance, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple he developed a product that was designed for a particular market. On contrast, Blackberry failed to respond early enough, and the focus of Steve Jobs gave birth to the successful era of iPhone.

The idea is a major factor in success. There are some instances when people try their thoughts, but they fail. Primarily, the core of any successful person has an idea that is well executed. Necessary a good idea should not be unique it is the potential of the idea of being implemented correctly that makes it successful. The idea should be competitive and protect the person from similar ideas from competitors to it to become successful. Moreover, the timing of the opinion is another important aspect that determines if it becomes successful or not. Additionally, the ability to change the concept within other environmental factors change is important.

In conclusion, the primary cause of success includes passion, ideas, and focus. These factors ensure that the individual is successful if they put into context correctly, and carefully. There are several definitions of success, but they all seem to agree on one thing which is achieving planned goals and desired visions. Passion, focus, and ideas mainly influence how an individual will become successful in life. The idea should be competitive and protect the person from similar ideas from competitors to it to become successful. Primarily, successful people exhibit this causes to their success and it is important that other people take note of them.

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