Catastrophism versus Uniformitarianism

The data discussed in the article is about the dispute between uniformitarianism and catastrophism that exists. In the past, most British geologists in England were clergymen, according to the essay. There was no controversy between geology and Christianity at that particular period, and geologists used religion as the core of their science. In defining the processes that may be responsible for shaping the embedded fossils and geological strata, the two areas of geology assist. Since uniformitarianism was able to dethrone catastrophism, the education system actually clings to biological macroevolution and uniformitarianism. Uniformitarianism managed to dethrone catastrophism because it was able to lay the foundation for the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin. The Meaning of Uniformitarianism
Uniformitarianism is a doctrine that suggests that the same natural processes and laws which operate now in the universe apply everywhere and has always operated in the past. Lyell advocated for this method with faith that it would yield practical techniques that are useful in studying the past. Uniformitarianism is an instrumental principle since terrestrial dating methods heavily rely on it (Ha'Torah 51).The Meaning of Catastrophism
Catastrophism is the belief or view that the geology of the Earth originates from catastrophic and violent events which occurred in the past. The geologists who explained the geology of the earth using this view are the catastrophists. People viewed catastrophists as scientists or geologists who invoked and believed in supernatural causes. Biblical literalism helped to link catastrophic thinking in the minds of different people. Many people viewed catastrophism as a view that was beyond the scope of acceptable science. People like Charles Lyell criticized catastrophism since it involved the assumption of violent and sudden catastrophic (Principles of Geology). The revival of catastrophism in the modern science resulted from different scientific discoveries which included; the continental drift, the Giant Meteor which killed Dinosaurs leading to the emergence of the evolution theory, and the catastrophic flooding that occurred in Scablands (Ha'Torah 54).
Some Sense of Truth in the Two Geological Theories
Uniformitarianism has some sense of truth since it lays a foundation for Charles Darwin_x0092_s theory of evolution. Academia and science held religious beliefs in evolution and uniformitarianism despite their different critics. Some of the implications of uniformitarianism include; Naomi Oreskes_x0092_ argument that the continental drift theory failed to violate the various laws of nature while people like Schuchert argue that the continental drift theory threatened and challenged the uniformitarian principle (Ha'Torah 63). Catastrophism also has some sense of truth in it since different scientific discoveries like the continental drift support it as a doctrine of geology. All the events described by the two fields of geology are the perfect evidence that makes them realistic.
Most Christians oppose uniformitarianism because of different reasons which include; not being accountable to God, failure to consider creation as an alternative explanation despite the evidence presented by the presence of fossil remains and the fact that the theories used to come up with this doctrine religious and political motivated.
In conclusion, catastrophism and uniformitarianism are the primary fields of geology that try to describe the process responsible for the formation of the embedded fossils and geological strata. The education system currently accommodates both fields of geology. These two fields of geology contain some sense of truth in them because of the different scientific discoveries.
Works Cited
Ha'Torah, B. (2007). Dating the World.

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