Case Study Overview: Bill abuses Sally

The Chosen Case Study

The chosen case study is the first. This case study clearly shows that the first generation family had a disordered family structure and function. This is demonstrated by the families' unknown locations of two daughters each. The disappearance of a family member without any follow-up demonstrates neglect of the family member. The family is additionally disrupted because one of the sons is serving a prison sentence for murder. The parents led unhealthy lifestyles, which resulted in lifestyle-related medical issues that led to their premature deaths. The second generation family has financial challenges which caused difficulties in access to healthcare services and a healthy dietary supply. Failure of the wife to visit the healthcare facility for prenatal services evidently shows the lack of healthcare access by the family members. Disability state of the husband who was the sole provider and the current decision maker for the family has resulted in depression. Marital conflict and violence have worsened the problems faced by the family. The resulting family structure and functioning is a disrupted.

Therapeutic Conversation

While interviewing the family to learn more about their lives, identifying their challenges from the conversion form the basis for solving the problems by the family. Due to the inability of Billy to work anymore, there is need to have a change of family roles and decision making. Communication skills should be improved by both members agreeing mutually on matters affecting. The cause of violence should be identified and options for preventing them identified. Healthy dietary supply should be a concern for the family. Balance diet is necessary for promoting good health and preventing some diseases from occurring in the family. The location of the home about the health of family members should be a concern also.

Some other questions that would help in gathering more information from the family including asking why the family is not affiliated with any religious group? Why are they relying on snacks that are rich in fat while they could have purchased fruits and vegetables?

Family Assessment

The current family consists of four members: father, mother and two sons. The father, Billy is 37-year old while the mother, Sally is a 35-year old individual. The sons are four and three years respectively. Billy is the only person to be contacted for any concern of the family since he is the sole decision-maker in the family. Transport services to healthcare facilities is a challenge to the family due to lack of funds. The couple is in their young adulthood stage of life while their sons are in their early childhood.

The family resides in a poorly conditioned house with all the members living in the same rental house. The house is located in crime-prone place that predisposes the family members to injuries from violence. The location of their home and their financial status limits them to access of healthy foods. As a result, the family eats what is available within their locality and can be affordable. The poor living conditions expose the family members to adverse healthcare outcomes. Access to healthcare facilities and services are not available for the family. Recreational activities and resources are unavailable for the sons.

The structure of the family is disrupted. Lifestyle and behaviors of the father have resulted in lack of stability in the family. Physical and verbal abuse by the father to the mother is as a result of smoking and depression that Bill has due to his disability after the fateful injury while doing construction work. The cutting of his independent financial sources to the level of depending on donations is a factor contributing towards his depressive behavior. Communication between the two parents has been disrupted where Bill abuses Sally who does not complain.

The family function has been disrupted by both behavior and health status of both parents. The disability Bill has led to him to depending solely on donations for the disabled. Besides Billy depressive disorder, Sally has PTSD after a previous witness to an accident that claimed the life of her father. The fateful memories have been affected her activities while at home. They both demonstrate the problem in the coping mechanism. Every other operation is performed by Sally due to the disability state of Billy. Billy is the only decision maker in the family where the wife agrees to everything he says. The family does not have an affiliation with any religious group.

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