Canada's Provincial Offences Act

A province law known as the province Offenses Act establishes the methods for prosecuting offenders. Municipalities are in charge of managing judicial proceedings, and provincial offenses represent the attorney general. Municipal law enforcement agents are the name given to law enforcement personnel in the Canadian province of Ontario. Provincial Offenses Act has more freedom while being less expensive. (Lederman, 1963).

In Ontario, law enforcement officers have implemented laws such as those governing parking, which are done so by parking enforcement officers, and those governing animals, which are done so by animal control officers, specialized trade inspection which is conducted by skilled officers and also the officers have been divided into classes and given the following duties such as licensing, property use, signage, garbage and waste, environment protection or recycling and street use ("Municipal By-laws in Ontario - All Ontario", 2013).

Peace law officer are also municipal law enforcement officer responsible for the maintenance of the public peace. In Ontario police services act states Municipal law enforcement officers are peace officers for the purpose of enforcing municipal by laws (Police, 2006).

In Canada police are able to enforce the law through full service policing which is a conventional police role, retro crime control which allocate most resources to law enforcement and crime control, flex policing core they oversight regulatory and community liaison policing function and the tiered policing who play and active role in secondary community policing(Brennan,2012).

Through law enforcement there have interactive partnership between the police and the community, police are now able to patrol in a manner that do not isolate them from citizens, crime is able to be controlled through responding to and patrolling the streets to prevent offences from occurring and maintenance of order by preventing and controlling behavior that disturbs the public peace (Mewett, 2000).


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