Black lives matter Movement Essay

The Devaluation of Black Lives

The devaluation of black people's life continues to elude more black community debates and talks. This devaluation is predicated on the community's ongoing death dealing consequences. It has attempted to raise many topics through protests and resistance in order to convey the message that black lives matter. They claim they are undervalued in comparison to their white peers. The issue of devaluation reached a climax when police personnel engaged in Garner's case were unwilling to investigating his murder and the events leading up to and following his death. The most well-known victims of these crimes are men. Several black males especially youths have been brutally murdered on several occasions by white police officers. Most of these cases have been proven to have occurred under mysterious circumstances.

The Case of Garner

Notably, Garner's case is one of the most recent events that continue to show how the lives of black people are at risk whenever they are in the hands of white police officers. From a recording that was made of his last words, it is evident that he was trying to call out for help, but the police officers denied him. This is evidence that he was brutality harassed by the white police officers before he was pronounced dead after reaching the hospital. From the testimony, it is evident that these police officers heard an outcry from the victim but chose to assume it and instead continued to press his head against the ground.

Risk and Neglect

It is currently evident that white police officers consider black males as an obvious threat thus stopped, imprisoned, shot dead or suffocated. This is based on the assumption that they are always after doing something wrong. This mentality puts lives of the black males to several risks. Police departments always side with their police officers despite them being on the wrong side of the law. They are also resistant in their investigations against these black people killings hence encouraging a white corps to commit these crimes.

Black Lives Matter Movement

Black lives matter as a movement has struggled to explain to people that black lives are similar to their white counterparts. They attempt to express themselves in the twenty-first century in a bid of showing that they are also human. Notably, it is difficult to understand why this movement proclaims these issues yet it is obvious that they are human. Black people find it necessary to proclaim these issue since there are groups of people who still have not come to terms with the fact that black people are not modern discoveries of the west.

The Need for the BLM Movement

The need to introduce the BLM movement was necessitated by the loss of lives witnessed by people in their communities. The shuttering perspectives of their lives necessitated this movement. There were no other groups that have faced similar changes with the white police brutality or any other racist person. Other communities such as people from the Asian dominions have only reported the minor case where they were harassed.

The Fight Continues

In conclusion, there are vast complaints that the black male lives are devalued. The police continue to brutally murder these males and very little is done by the authorities to prevent further them. Their testimonies are assumed in courtrooms by the jury as an attempt to protect the perpetrators of this crime. However, groups such as black lives matter are one of the most common organizations that safeguard the lives of these endangered groups. Unfortunately, their efforts are demeaned by other retrogressive groups that continue to support racists.


Yancy, George. 2008. Black Bodies, White Gazes. 2nd ed.

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