Being a teacher in a classroom

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While teaching, I reflect on my time as a student.
Teaching in a classroom comes with both challenges and incentives. The unique aspect of teaching is that each student is individual. They act differently and have unique perspectives on all that happens in their setting. The cultural context is one of the determinant factors in this scenario. As an instructor, I’ve looked at the student interactions I’ve had and how they’ve affected the way I teach now.
A school’s culture is made up of several different components. The culture was mainly based on the norm principles and convictions that administrators and the entire team of teachers hold regarding teaching and learning throughout my life as a student. Culture also extended to the traditions and ceremonies that we organized to build the community and reinforce the societal values. It was what we believed in, what we thought was right for us. The positive aspect was that everyone was committed to seeing the school achieve its goals and objectives. There was team spirit where teachers could help one another in ensuring the syllabus is covered at the right time.
The level of corporation among our teachers portrayed a positive image of what teamwork can achieve. It also passed a message to students that time management is essential in any form of organization. This aspect of my past has enabled me to rethink of what I should do as a teacher. In most cases, students emulate what their teachers do, therefore, showing commitment at my work will encourage learners to push themselves out of the comfort zone.
I also noted that classroom management could significantly affect the way a teacher handles students during the lessons. While I was still a student, I noted how some of my classmates were rude. They could not even listen when the teacher tried to correct them. Such individuals could disrupt the class and at times, affect the concentration of the entire class. Most of the teachers could get frustrated to the extent of chasing such students out of the class or even ending the lesson before time.
Therefore classroom management concept enables me to reflect on how to handle different categories of students in the class. I also know how to control my personality when managing students with disruptive behavior. While approaches vary, this concept focuses on motivation, respect, and discipline. Various approaches such as behavior modification and establishing rules and regulations at the beginning of the academic calendar give students a clear direction of what the school expects of them. I can also encourage learners to see the real picture of the rewards of holding onto the right values and hard work.
Instructors usually give take-home assignments to their students so that they can be preoccupied during holidays. However, the work was too much on our side. We could not find time to interact with other people. Since socialization is an important developmental aspect of an individual, I would not wish to see my students straining with assignments during the holidays. They need a manageable bulk that can be completed in time so that they can find a chance to interact with their peers, refresh their and bond with their families. They can be able to travel without the stress of the incomplete homework. Therefore, what I have gone through as a student has made me understand how to reason out when handling students in my class.

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