Back stories and Personalities of Tommy and Timmy

The primary character of the play Bros is called Tommy. He is a young 19-year-old pupil at the University of Scranton. Tommy grew up in New Jersey. He is somewhat educated and comes from a fairly center class family. Tommy has been a playful and curious boy since his childhood. His uncle, Jos used to tell him testimonies about adventure, and he got interested in seeking reputation and fortune. When Tommy was fourteen, he decided to go for a walk in the wooded area and, by bad luck, a bear grazed on his proper cheek. Since then, he has never actively been involved in outdoor activities. By the time he reached nineteen years, he was a master in hunting and adventure because he had gained skills from his childhood experience. He became more respectful of himself but less sociable, unless when on a hunting expedition.Tommy is an outspoken young man with all the qualities that college girls desire in a man. At face value, it is easy for the girls to get attracted because of his adventure like style and well defined gait. However, he is not a really sociable person and readily offends his colleagues with a rather condescending attitude. He spends most of his time alone and puts on a fierce figure that will easily slay a bear into halves. Tommy is highly competitive and will always get what he wants through hook or crook.The second character is called Timmy, a student at Johnson University. He is nineteen years old. He grew up in a working-class family and he lives in rural Clark Summit, Pennsylvania. Timmy exhumes humor and narrates of how his rural life has been a blessing to his upbringing. He narrates stories of his black race and how episodes from his grandfather’s career has been an eye-opener of the struggle to achieve equality in the US. Timmy is inspired by the racial equality movements that he is an enthusiast supporter of Colin Kaepernick and his call for equality through kneeling during the national Anthem. He runs a blog that writes about the various alleged incidences of racial discrimination and unfair treatment. His grandfather, Richmond, served in the US army and was instrumental in instilling the civil rights ideas. During his service, the granddad was due for promotion in accordance to the criterion set out by the military. However, what he received was a demotion for agitating for more black soldiers to be included in the decision making organs of the military. Timmy, cutting out a figure as not one of the model politicians, is by far a more talented orator than most Washington lawmakers. He is a hugely successive young man having had the opportunity to address various conferences organised in the University concerning stereotyping and racial injustice. Indeed, his other love is the conservation of wildlife. Coming from the rural area of Clark Summit, Pennsylvania, Timmy loves to talk about conservation of the wildlife. When he is not talking about his the racial inequality, he is busy advocating for the banning of blood sport like hunting. Timmy is a highly sociable young man and readily draws attention as he narrates his widely read stories about the black movements and historical accounts of the civil war and slavery. Costume AnalysisTommy has a rectangular face with a remarkably defined albeit pointed chin adorned with a study jaw. The dark small eyes are evenly distributed below keenly trimmed eyebrows that curve naturally as though they are an extension of the gigantic round nose. Tommy likes to keep his mouth closed in a curvy line. His naturally dark brown hair has been spread with black dye to illuminate his wide forehead. The hair was worn back and tied to further reveal the shiny forehead with a neatly defined hairline. A closer look into his cheek reveals a trace of a thin scar that has completely healed. The scar is approximately 6 years old.Tommy adorns a brown dyed leather jacket over his shoulders with neatly polished buttons. The scarf marching the jacket and the pants is neatly tied to allow the ruffles to fill the space left by the jacket. A black belt, that does not only define his waistline, is used to hold a hanging sword kept in its bag. The black denim a jean is tucked in his highly laced boots. The knee-reaching black boots tied from the sides tell of a man ready to go hunting. Timmy is a relatively shy young man with a lozenge face and angular cheekbones. His short bead highlights his pointed chin. His narrow lips allowed his jaws to be seen with a rather sheepish smile being a constant feature. Timmy has kept his hair short perhaps to conceal the part of his head that does not grow hair. The lack of hair highlights his chocolate raven black skin. The sharp features defining Timmy are just but a reflection of the structure of his entire body. While he does not qualify as being thin, his height and slightly bending gait make him look slender and in deprived health. While Timmy is from upcountry, his grooming is not one that can betray his naivety and lack of urban thrill. He is well-groomed by upcountry standards with khaki slacks, neatly women sweater and a tippet-like scarf. His pants are folded at his lower end of the leg and do not touch his boots. He adorns a belt pouch with Beatle boots only covering his leg ankle. Always carrying a voluminous book in a brown leather bag, Timmy, cuts a figure f a highly knowledgeable and informed young man. A black coat hangs from the nag that he is carrying. Timmy carries a pair of black gloves that match the small umbrella.

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