Baccalaureate Education Essentials

A Successful Student's Personalities and Attitudes

A successful student should have a variety of personalities and attitudes. According to Lake and von Baeyer's article "Tips for Successful Students," effective students are responsible and active, which is my biggest characteristic.

Responsibility and Accountability

Accountability entails a student taking care of his or her own education. This entails engaging in appropriate behavior and actions. Competence is influenced by responsibility. When a student enters a classroom, he should be prepared to learn at all times. This, in turn, encourages active engagement in class.

Active Engagement in Learning

A successful student appears to be interested in what is being taught. This is demonstrated by the student through taking notes, listening, asking and answering questions.

Applying the Characteristics to My Nursing Programme

Being responsible and active will help me in my Bachelor of Science nursing Programme. To understand what the program is all about, I will attend the lessons as expected and also at the right time. There are different objectives in which a student is expected to achieve at the end of a unit. Attending the classes will enable me to achieve the different objectives of the units. For me to adequately achieve the objective, it means that I should be active in class to understand what is being taught. The characteristic will enable me to listen to the professors keenly, ask for clarifications where I have not understood, and answer questions if I have a clue of what is being asked. I will also complete my assignments on time. It will shape me by making me accountable, independent, competent and a person who can accept others views and ideas. At the end of the program, I would have attained the components of nursing professional practice and it will challenge me to always acquire more skills and knowledge in order to advance in my profession.

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