Babies grow rapidly in their first year of life development.

In their first year of life growth, babies grow quickly.

Physical development marked by weight and height is undergone by infants. In addition, babies experience phases of growth known as development milestones.

Development milestones

Development milestones are described as the baby's abilities, including sitting, rolling and walking (John Mersch). The phases are divided into motor growth, language, and emotional or social growth. Babies also meet the milestones in a similar progression. The babies do not, however, experience growth in equal time lines. Similarly, babies spend different time in the development phases. It takes a baby 12 months to develop and become active.

Physical Development

Physical development in babies is rapid within the first year. By the fourth month of development, infants develop an average 3 inches in length and gain up to 4.5 pounds in weight. The circumference of the baby’s head grows by between .25 and .5 inches every month within the first 12 months. In the sixth month, the weight of the baby doubles from that at birth. The weight gain is averagely increased between .5 and 1 oz. every day. In the sixth month, the growth of the baby slows and becomes gradual. By the first birthday of the baby, they are characterized by a tripled weight and are averagely 10 inches in length (NorthShore).

Intellectual development

By the fourth month of infant development, the baby is able to explore different things with the mouth. The baby plays around with their fingers, toes, and hands. The baby at this stage reacts to sounds including that of a bell and rattles. By the eighth month of development, the baby makes noises and cries to show they are hurt, displeased or satisfied. The baby’s vision develops and the baby improves on their senses of taste, sight touch and hearing.

Social and Emotional Development

At one month the baby begins to express emotions and feelings characterized by wide eyes, alertness, and a rounded mouth. There is an increased bond between the baby and the mother. After 2 months the baby starts smiling and having eye contacts (Shaw). By the fourth month, the baby develops an attachment to their frequent caregivers. The baby at the sixth month of development expresses happiness and anger. The baby incorporating these emotions is able to communicate preference and anxiety towards caregivers (NorthShore). As the baby advances to 12 months they are able to reduce stranger and separation anxiety. The baby responds to their name and shows fear of dropping off high positions including a chair or table. The baby enjoys watching people and making observations. Progressively he baby raises their arm to show they want to be held and imitates actions, facial expressions, and sounds.


Conclusively, Babies learn many skills within their first year of development. It is in this time period that the baby begins to connect to the world. Development of babies is a complicated process and it is essential that caregivers observe and assist the babies. Additionally, there exist other milestones that characterize development including movement (Cdc). The baby is able to crawl on the belly and significantly change sitting positions without any assistance. Babies’ development within 12 months are easily noticed and it is essential for parents to understand the phases of development.

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