Asian Intrusions: Opera, Society and a Dilemma

In an try to end slavery, abolitionists waged a movement towards the slave trade.

The biracial onslaught against slavery proved to be successful. They made slavery hard to brush aside through their actions. Black slaves used literature or arts as a method to disapprove slavery in a variety of ways.

Black slaves made use of the visual arts by portray several varieties of images.

The works of artwork showed the lives that the slaves lived. One art that exemplified was once the painting Slaves Waiting for Sale by Eyre Crowe. The portray illustrates a slavery auction. However, Crowe chose to paint the moment earlier than the auction and wanted to categorical the terrible and inhumane nature of slavery. By electing to paint slaves waiting to be put up for sale rather than being traded, Crowe went into the viewer's feelings by compelling them to think about the emotional state and a state of fear and doubts of slaves before being sold.

Another instance of slaves and abolitionists using literary art is in Frederick Douglass' autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.

The book offers the challenging and arduous times the slaves went through, the shocking mistreatment and adversities they encountered, letting the public conscious of the cruel side of living as a slave. Douglas did not waver in his unforgiving representation of the institution of slavery more so the vicious beating given to his aunt.

A modern example of art used for the social protest was a salt march spearheaded by Mahatma Gandhi.

When India was still a British colony, producing and trading salt was unlawful compounded by the high taxes levied by the British. Gandhi and a crowd went to the Arabian Sea where they assembled in the sand and produced salt violating British law in a solely nonaggressive means in the process.

Reference: Gikandi, S. (2011). Slavery and the Culture of Taste. Princeton University Press.

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