The article ‘The Sovereign and its Servants: On the Ethics of Curating’ by Katerina Gregos discuss the multifaceted nature of curatorial work. One of the most fundamental and yet fascinating elements that the writer mentioned is the generic lack of uniformity in the existing moral standards in the world. For instance, she notes that the ethical standards of curation superior or presented by way of the America Association of Museums is very different from the ones utilized to independence curators. The author mentioned that in the contemporary art of curation, ethics might come first when discussing curatorial agenda. It implies that the aesthetic splendor of curating art is in line with the moral behavior of the society. The interpretation and display of art also help in enacting ethics in the community. During art display, the artists need to consider whether their work is ethically welcome amongst their subjects. Therefore, the issue of the art of curating should first embrace ethics as an art before executing curating activities.

The introduction part of the article is a little bit concentrated on non-issues like the definition of curation rather than building a solid thesis statement on the need or lack of ethical standards in the curation of art. The curatorial work comprises multiple activities and responsibilities of art that should obey the ‘Code of ethics for the curators’. The respect to the code of ethics regarding curations would make many people enjoy artistic products. In my opinion, I feel that it is the art that makes curation a profession. If the curators obey the code of ethics regarding their work, then they would even sell their products without necessarily obtaining a license

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