Analysis of Blue Velvet

In the drama movie, “Blue Velvet” the main character, Jeffrey, is portrayed as a curious person in nature who is also intelligent and sensible in his approach to daily life in the film. Jeffrey’s inquisitive nature is on display as he discovers a decomposing ear in a vacant lot and immediately starts to investigate the mystery. As a result of his desire for information, he goes to Detective Williams’ house, searching for any material or data related to the ear. Detective Williams turns Jefferey away from further investigation into the ear case; he discourages his inquisitive nature. As a result, when Jeffrey leaves the Williams household unsatisfied, he appears to restrain himself from this aspect of his personality easily. At this point is where there is the introduction of Sandy is his life. “I can’t figure out if you’re a detective or a pervert” (Lynch, 1986 ). The viewer can initially engage the film’s mystery in the role of a detective but gradually depicts Jeffrey as a pervert.The portrayal of the movie is in a surrealistic manner; therefore, the interpretation of the scenes are not as strictly representative of what is happening.Rather the movies is a representation of Jeffrey’s perception of reality and fantasies of Jeffrey’s imagination

It is therefore only when Frank, the troubled, psychotic villain of the movie who it in due course will turn out is responsible for the severed ear, is similarly spotted by Jeffrey in the nightclub in which there is the corruption of the song blue velvet. Frank’s first appearance in the movie is when he sexually assaults Dorothy while Jeffrey looks on from a closet, thus establishing him as a demonstration of evil which corrupts Jeffrey’s innocent notion of goodness in the world. Additionally, seeing him listening fascinated to Dorothy singing while grasping the same fetishised cloth off blue velvet that he also has with him in that previous scene, shifts the associations of the blue velvet song from that of sweet romantic longing to perverted sexual desire.

The use of contrast in the blue velvet in the movie is through the application of a noir-inspired use of women. As depicted in the genre, the blonde woman represents that which is rational, innocent and loving whereas the movie depicts the brunette as irrational, dangerous and sexualized. Dorothy and Sandy act as different extremes through which Jeff measures his mental state. Therefore, Jeff preferably associates himself with Sandy during daylight, sharing with her his hypothesis, ideas and plans about the mystery that he is entangled. Sandy’s emotional response and kindness make Jeff in touch with the ordinary everyday world and the familiar. Therefore, she revives him to the current world when the risks to become submerged by the mystery running through his mind. In contrast, the movie associates Dorothy with irrationality, therefore, existing as a position for Jeffrey to enlighten and spark his unconscious perversions and desires.

In the conclusion of the film, Sandy is disgusted when she learn’s of Jeffrey’s association with Dorothy. In interpreting the film, the rational mind is disordered and upset by the actions and the desires of the body, therefore succumbing to lust. A good example is drug addiction when Frank is sucking nitrous gas in many scenes and the part when Ben also using and dealing various unrecognizable drugs. Additionally Sandy slaps Jeffrey for his sexual involvement and connection with Dorothy as the mental power often reproaches the physical desires and pleasure always that leads to problems, though she later reconciles with him. The intelligence and rationality pardons a slip of instinct comes back to it out of love for the whole person nonetheless cautions against making the same mistake again.

Jeffrey finally comes out of his introspective mayhem as a complete person. He settles for Sandy as his companion, nonetheless lets Dorothy departure which she does with her son. Therefore, desires must be kept at an aloofness, controlled in by the mind, placed out of vision however never entirely abandoned. Jeffrey acceptance of the material world is shown through the robins which are rendered flawed through the repulsive act of eating bugs and by their blatant inauthenticity. Nonetheless, all the characters present still recognize them as a thing of beauty. The mental and the physical have combined well enough to appease Jeffrey’s troubled mind. Therefore the secret is to not look at the closures too closely.


Lynch, D. (Director). (1986 ). Blue Velvet [Motion Picture].

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