Among the Missing’s Dan Chaon


Have you ever considered imbibing and having sex with a manikin? Or have you ever considered the possibility that a serpent might choke you? I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Dan Chaon, the one and only, the true and highly regarded author of the book "Among the Missing," who will be performing at Francis Marion University as we, the students, continue to welcome important artists, most of whose resumes speak for themselves.

Love for Modern Writing

He is a lover of modern writing. His writing has garnered him a great deal of respect from his contemporaries and the entire literature community. He is currently flying high with three novels and a collection of three short stories which have created and left a tremendous impact on his readers.

Background and Career

“Don” is an American who grew up in Nebraska, the outskirts of Sidney. He is a graduate of Northwestern University and has also earned an MA from the Syracuse University. As a loving family man, Don had a wife who passed on and left him to take care of their two sons. Currently, he is teaching creative writing at Oberlin College where he has been honored with the Pauline Delaney Professorship in the Department of Creative Writing and Literature.

Most Famous Work

Among his work, the most famous piece to date is the novel “Among the Missing.” The fiction narrative made him a finalist for the 2001 National Book Award. The novel is a direct reflection of us American men, women, boys, and girls along with our socio-cultural nuances which we apply in our daily lives. The book portrays such individuals as living outside the American dream as they wonder how they got to the place they are currently. The author’s prowess has bestowed with whereby he has received numerous awards.

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