Americans with Disabilities Act and Childcare Settings

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I skipped none of the questions while completing the survey on ADA and childcare environments. I regarded it as a piece of legislation before learning about the ADA law that aimed to impose punitive measures against childcare centers of organizations that did not meet the requirements set out in the existing laws. However, I discovered that it is intended to help these organizations understand the value of upholding high standards and caring for the needs of each individual child in the course of learning about the ADA legislation.
It takes tremendous attention from the staff to respond to each child’s health and educational needs. One of the ways of ensuring that the needs of each child are well taken care of is employing sufficient staff. Each employee should monitor a manageable number of children The number should be limited to that which can enable him create personal connection and empathy in order to detect their problems and respond to them. Accommodations and adaptations that fit each child’s uniqueness are also key in promoting development. Early childcare settings can provide visual supports that help the children learn how to communicate and interact with their environment (Breitfelder 41). An early childcare setting should also strengthen relationship with other stakeholders to ensure that there is an appropriate and timely response to any issues that face the children. One of the key stakeholders in this scenario is the family and the community. Being alert on signs of any problems should be backed up by constant updates to these two social units who can then decide on how the child will be helped. Other stakeholders who can form partnerships to promote quality health and development of young children include medics, education and health departments at various government levels.

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