Essays on Child Welfare

Children rights to medical decisions

In the US and many other countries, the freedom of children to participate in medical decisions has repeatedly been overlooked. (Huntington and Elizabeth 178). The state has completely authorized and charged their parents with the responsibility of making decisions regarding their children's health rather than allowing the adolescents to do...

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The Relationships and Wellbeing in Children and Young people

Being in outstanding shape, in good health, or cheerful is a state of wellbeing. The children's relationships need to be maintained in a variety of ways. For instance, the maintenance of children's pleasure is one of the factors covered in this book while discussing the welfare of children. Because we...

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A Multiple Disadvantage Model

In this article, Cheng and Li (2017) discuss various causes of young people acting out and how the child welfare system influences those causes. Three waves of interviews with a sample of kids and their caretakers were conducted as part of the survey. The researchers gathered data on the social...

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Americans with Disabilities Act and Childcare Settings

I skipped none of the questions while completing the survey on ADA and childcare environments. I regarded it as a piece of legislation before learning about the ADA law that aimed to impose punitive measures against childcare centers of organizations that did not meet the requirements set out in the...

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