American Food Production

American’s Food Production Vs. That of the Gebusi: Ways during which American Industrialized Agriculture Compares With the Horticulture within the Gebusi

Food production in America is totally corporatized, where limited regulations are involved operational resulting to absolute impunity. The production demand in America has led to disastrously reduced quality standards, thereby placing the health of the consumers in peril. The industrialized agriculture uses cheap labour personnel, mostly consisting of illegal migrants. generally food production in amerce is currently controlled and other people find yourself eating unhealthy thanks to over reliance on chemicals , measures to chop cost also as political lobbying power. Un just like the Gebusi, who involve in non-extensive farming that uses healthy farming practices, the industrialized agriculture in America produced unhealthy foods in a manner that is harmful to the environment and abusive to the employees and animals.

Comparison of the Gebusi and American Agriculture In Terms Of;Where the Food Comes From

In Gebusi, foods come from small farms, where the owners do farming themselves by hands, while foods in America come from big pieces of lands using machines and chemicals.

How It Is Produced and Distributed

In the Gebusi, a food getting strategy is employed that involves no conscious efforts to change the environment. However in the industrialized agriculture practiced in America, food production involves practices that are seen as inhumane, which are environmentally and economically unsustainable. Foods from industrial agriculture are usually packaged for sale, and according to the film, companies are involved in the distribution for profits, often based on the supply of cheap contaminated foods.

How Varied the Diet is

While the Gebusi foods are organic with no contaminations of chemicals, the American foods are inorganic and mostly the diets are associated with the rising obesity epidemic as well as other deadly diseases. The unhealthy habits of food consumption are usually promoted by the American public.

The Role Food Plays In the Culture

Food has a very significant role in people’s culture. For both the Gebusi and Americans, food provides sustenance and plays a role in celebrations, mourning, and entertainment. More importantly food plays a role in activities where people in the society gather with friends and family. In Gebusi for example, after receiving visitors, the people extend their appreciation by giving food for free to the visitor (Knauft 11). However, since food is commercialized in the American society, it is hard to get free food without having to buy it.

What Has Been Lost or Gained As an American Culture in the Transition from Horticulture to Industrialized Agriculture?

The transition from horticulture to industrialized agriculture has reduced the value of the American people in terms of health and lifestyle. Currently fast food industry has grown leading to massive production of raw food. In general, food production has changed drastically and is controlled by few multinational corporations that emphasizes on business so that foods are produced at low direct input that lead to enormous profits while providing unhealthy foods to the citizens. Since these changes from horticulture to industrialized agriculture are based in advanced technology, there are obvious side effects like enlarging the size of male breast and their sexual organs (ir. Cindyr).

The Consequences of Industrial Agriculture for American’s Health and the Quality Of Life for People Working in Agriculture and for the General Americans

The film shows that industrial agriculture has varied consequences, especially in relation to the health and quality of life of the employees working in the farms, who are continuously exposed to chemicals such as pesticides as well as the general populations that is the end consumer of the unhealthy produce.

What International Students Think Of American Foods and Diets

I believe that the international students coming to America are introduced to new diets that are different from what they eat at their respective home countries. These students have to adapt to the changes because any attempt to try and get the healthy foods they are used to is usually expensive. As a result they end up getting involved in the unhealthy eating behavior because they access the cheap foods that flood the American food markets.

Why Studying Agriculture As Well As Other Human Adaptations Is Important For Anthropologists

Anthropologists get to understand the origins and social relations that human beings involve in. therefore, when they study agriculture, they recognize the transitions of agricultural practices over time and see the many changes and their consequences. As a result this information can be useful in enhancing a social change for the benefit of the people.

Connections Made Between New Ways of Thinking about the Food Related Issues Presented In the Film and the Big Questions Americans Face in Life

Connections can be made between the issues related to food that have been presented in the film and the questions faced by Americans in life. The problems of obesity and several other medical issues can be directly associated with the problems highlighted in the film such as the emphasis on production of fast foods (ir. Cindyr). These connections can in turn be used in the establishment of better agricultural practices as well as better individual eating habits to lessen the current consequences of industrialized agriculture.

Lessons Learnt

At the end of the film, I found the message to be hopeful. I believe that me as an individual, I can make a difference in this industry. For example, on an individual level, a farmer can restrain from unethical practices like the use of antibiotic diets and unsanitary conditions especially in poultry. Anyone can participate in fixing the American Food system through participation in sustainable agriculture that promotes ethical eating.

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