Agenda creation

I would first make sure that every team member understood the subject at hand in order to make sure the group was functioning well. In addition, I would make sure that everyone in the group speaks at the same time rather than having everyone talk without nobody listening. The fundamental goals of the team will be accomplished precisely when one team member talks at a time, in part because the other members will have an opportunity to assess the issues expressed. In order to ensure that all the team members understands what nest steps are, I would guarantee that I highlight the overall agendas of the group during the introduction or orientation address. In addition, for each and every step, I would urge the team members to give a brief description of what they understand about the next agenda. It would enable all the group members to learn what it entails even before going into details.

There are a number of characteristics that an effective team has. For example, an efficient group is characterized by enhanced communication between the teammates in such a way that every member feels free to raise his or her contributions to the group. An effective team also embraces diversity, which is related to culture, gender, personality, and skills set (Vrabie, 2014). Moreover, an efficient group is having a meaningful common purpose as well as clear performance goals.

The roles, needs, and diversity influence the team members to work as one in order to achieve the desired objectives. In addition, the latter also encourages creativity and respect among the team members. It thus helps the group to achieve the desired targets. For example, when the team members are diverse, they would respect each other and be committed to brainstorming in order to come up with the necessary conclusion.

There are numerous components of group diversity. However, the main ones are not limited to religion, generational, gender, cultural, race, age, and personality. The group members can be having two or more of these components in order for it to be termed as diverse.


Vrabie A., (2014). The 6 characteristics of a highly effective team. Retrieved on November 05, 2017 from

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