Against A Will

The next in line was Vincent Freeman, who marched majestically down the hallway into the boardroom. At the age of 24, Freeman was a tall man with a flat forehead and an arrogant expression on his face. He also had an athletic physique that most villagers of his generation respected. Except for the rushing wind through the glass window panes on the 7th floor of One Liberty Place, all was quiet at this time. The floor is made up of finely polished grey tiles with a warm amber look. “Today is the day” he affirmed to himself as he proceeded towards boardroom located nearly three and a half meters from where all the applicants sat waiting for their moment to come. Freeman was the second candidate in line just after another applicant had just come from the room. Vincent Freeman was the last born child of a middle-class income family of three kids; Emily Anton and Gabriel Jerome. He was the son of the late Mr. And Mrs. Hervrick who lived in a small village called Kamonte. Mrs. Hervrick died nearly 24 years ago when giving birth to Freeman. Accordingly, he was brought up by his dad with the help of Emily, the eldest daughter. Unfortunately, Mr. Anton passed on when Freeman was three years old before he could have had the opportunity to appreciate his dad for all that he did to bring him up. The events surrounding the life of Vincent were not encouraging given that, Jerome never approve of him as his brother after the death of their mother when conceiving. He perceived Freeman as cunning, blaming him for causing the death of their mum. In all his life Vincent dreamt of working with IT Complex Ltd as IT system administrator as he had a passion for technological devices and computers even though he had no college education. When he was in high school Vincent was often in the computer laboratories studying the inside of a PC without the instructions of an administrator; he was sneaky indeed. At one point he was thrown out of class for trying to disassemble a PC meant for learning during the day. At home, he often skipped meals reading books on a career in computer networking. His siblings would try to advise him that he would never get the chance to work at IT Complex Ltd because he had no college education. However, this did not kill his spirit even at a time when others would have ditched the dream. Freeman wore a black suit with black shoes with the self-confidence of disapproving the opinion of the world and his potential boss as he headed for a job interview.

Vincent knocked on the glass door after a voice replied he opened; his eyes met with those of Mr. Eugene Cassini, a big-bodied man with a flat forehead and protuberant nose with a harsh voice and a soft chin. Cassini has been working at IT Complex Ltd for the last ten years as the Human Resource Manager. IT Complex Ltd is one of the biggest and leading providers of information technology, consultation, and installation services in the country. Seldom was anyone from Kamonte village dream of getting employment with this firm and Freeman attitude demonstrated the impulse to overcome all the odds to be one of IT Complex Ltd employees. “Have a seat,” said Mr. Cassini. “Thank you” Freeman answered sitting uncomfortably on the black leather couch for once he felt dead on the seat. The boardroom was well-furnished with chairs for approximately 20 staffs. Freeman forwarded his matrimonial documents to Mr. Cassini, and after a brief moment of silence, the predictable thing happened. “How do you want to work with us with no college education?” Mr. Cassini asked, throwing a sly smile. Without hearing any defense from Vincent, he called out for the next applicant to come in. Eugene left the building for home in a wretched mood. “This is the begin of the struggle,” he thought loud looking at the building his eyes focused on the 7th floor that he even failed to notice he had reached a road junction.

“Hey buddy,” whispered a man, “I am Jaunty.” “You want to get into this company?” the man queried. “Yes, but I don’t know if I can manage to get in through front door,” Freeman replied. “I will help you out at a fee of $1100,” Jaunty said, both walking along the busy street of the city. They walked through several turns in the town, and at some point, Vincent did not understand why he had easily accepted the proposal of a man he barely knew. However, the thought that this man was going to help him to get job made him not to question his actions. He made his mind that he would what it takes to get the opportunity to be an employee of IT Complex Ltd. Finally, they reached a junction and ahead of them was a building that seemed old to be alive. Jaunty got some important details from Freeman and the job position he was applying for, and he disappeared. He remained standing in room disorganized, every person chatting and moving randomly. “How comes an office lacks organization and furniture?” he thought. Freeman was momentarily distracted that he did not notice Jaunty coming with a brown envelope. “Here are the documents that you needed,” said Jaunty “Give me the cash.” Freeman dug his hand in the pocket to pick $1100 and gave the man. He checked the envelope and inside it was all he needed to get him the job at IT Ltd. Inside the envelope was a degree certificate decorated with a graduate from Harvard University with first class owners in management information system and master’s degree in business administration. He rushed back to One Liberty Place building just to find only one candidate remaining. Freeman waited for his chance even though he became concerned whether Cassini would recognize him when he gets inside the boardroom. Luckily he found assistant HRM with a group of seven board members in the panel. The board members put him under a period of questioning and interview. Vincent knew he had to take the best short, he answered all the questions posed to him with composure, and there was no way the company was not satisfied with him. He went home relieved and happy that at least the board may consider his application. One week later he received a call from Mr. Cassini requesting him to come to the company the following day to discuss with Vincent the details of the job he had applied. When he broke the good news to his siblings, no one believed him not even Emily. On 27th August was the day Freeman was expected to report to IT Complex Ltd to commence his responsibility even though he had no skills or experience in this field. Vincent received a warm reception and became an employee of IT Complex even though he had fear over his survival in the company.


One of the most complex steps required in creating a narrative is the selection of characters and giving them the characters that will make the short interesting to readers. Completing the short story “Determination beat all odds” was a fascinating task that I believe will considerably influence my writing ability and increase knowledge of creating characters. After completing the job, I learned that coming up with a good narrative is not about just defining my roles and giving them random characters. The process involves associating each character with the features they fit perfectly. Additionally, a story must have five elements which include establishing action, dialogue between the characters, description of events, having inner monologue as well as narrating the facts to make it attractive to readers.

However, I met challenges in finalizing the narrative. One of the most significant problems was describing every conduct of Vincent Freeman in all the settings that he interacted with. Nevertheless, I enjoyed giving a full description of the main character notably when he attended the interview at IT Complex Ltd as well as the atmosphere in the building. I approached the situation by developing an all-inclusive method where previous character description holds throughout in their undertakings. The only thing I could suggest to improve the writing is by increasing the volume of the novel to allow for a full description of all the characters in the short story. The work meets the class learning objectives by influencing the art of creativity and originality in story-telling among students. Additionally, it permits increasing their writing and thinking skills by creating a new account of events.

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