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Starbuckto sleep and lack of sleep for long hours can cause fatigue. Hence the Ad brings about a feeling that one is not supposed to take too much coffee as it may result to long hours without sleep. By the use a celebrity could be better as it would be more appealing than a scary straining one eye to open. The ad is not really profession as it is not really attractive to look at popping eyes. The target audience may not be very enthusiastic to try out starbuck products due to lack of sleep.
The ad mainly targets a society that is hardworking and mainly work for long hours thus they need starbuck in order to keep going. But the ad lacks a warning sing that coffee contain caffeine which is a stimulant and not very healthy to our bodies.
Patene advert is a shampoo ad which is used to target shampoo users across the globe. The use of a pretty lady with beautiful hair brings value to the ad as the products is supposed to make the user look more beautiful than before. This ad does not have a lot of text so as the consumer cannot be distracted by the text but only concentrate on the appearance. The lady also is used to show a veil of confidence and self-worth by using the product.
The ad is not logical as to use a light skinned lady in a hair product as the complexion doesn’t really matter. Hence the patene ad does not bring in sense to the audience as even a male can be used to advertise hair shampoo.
The use of a lady with a very revealing cleavage is very unprofessional as it is not appealing to the audience especially underage consumers. By using a celebrity to endorse the product may have both negative and positive outcome as all celebrities have both fans and haters and this may affect the product. This ad brigs about a fresh feeling and living free within oneself. The ad itself is not persuasive as one does not really understand the product being advertised as there are no visible words describing it’s a hair product.
This ad reflects a high class society due the elegant expensively dressed lady. This ad lacks the true meaning of hair product as it only reflects on the physical facial appearance.
Spring to the coke side of life
This ad is used to advertise coke a soft drink which have been around for more than 100 years. It targets all age group but not advisable for children under five years as it contain caffeine and can cause addiction. The ad itself is colorful with flowers, butterflies and a bright red bottle which makes the ad attractive and appealing to the eyes. The title spring to the coke side of life is visible and seems to bring the feeling of good things that one is going to experience after drinking a coke. The bright colors also are used to bring a happy mood to the audience. The bright red coke bottle stands out as it one can see that it is the source of the butterflies hence it is the source and the start of good times, hence the title spring to the coke side of life. Thus making the ad persuasive for one to get a drink so as to taste the coke and spring to the coke side of life. The use of a sport celebrity is highly important in this ad may be relevant for them to use this drink as a refreshment.
Despite the colorful Ad the coke drink receive a lot of critics due to its ingredients. It contains some level of caffeine, sugar and carbonic acid for preservative. This are harmful to health as caffeine is a stimulant, sugar can cause teeth cavities and is believed to be one of the causes of obesity. But the ad does not include this hence misleading.
Advertisement is crucial in marketing of products. All the advertisements above have their pros and cons. The starbuck and the Patene ad may be relevant to pass their message but the target audience may lack to interpret the meaning as intended as the starbuck ad shows that users may lack enough sleep. And the patene user may not know whether it’s a hair product or a facial beauty product. On the other hand the coke ad really tries to bring their point home with bright colors and a visible logo which is appealing to the eyes and also it is relevant to refreshment drink. All the adverts have failed to notify the users of the harmful content contained in their products.
: The advertising targets coffee users, especially 18 years and above as their slogan advocate it’s not just espresso its starbuck. This slogan shows that starbuck is the leading espresso brand and the best in contrast to other companies. Taping of the eye shows the intense measures people use in order to stay awake. The declaration staying awake will no longer be painful assures coffee customers it is easy to stay for lengthy hours without feeling sleep just through taking starbuck coffee.
The open eye image is relevant to the advert as coffee contain caffeine which is a stimulant and when taken it continues one awake for long hours. But the straining of one eye open suggests that one is straining

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